Glass mobile phones are about to change everything

Hello, new phone colours and styles!

The latest generation of Gorilla Glass – the tech commonly used by the likes of Apple and Samsung – could be a real game-changer. The sixth generation of the technology will have the usual upgrades that we expect. Yes, it will be more scratch-proof and tougher than ever. But that’s not all…

One of the most charming things about the new generation of Gorilla Glass is that it will be engineered so it doesn’t look or feel like glass. It can be manipulated to feel like different textures. For example, you could have a phone made from Gorilla Glass 6 that feels like wood, marble, or rock. It might sound a little crazy, but that’s what the experts are promising.

See Inside Your Phone

As though that wasn’t enough to have us all whipped up into a frenzy, there’s yet another idea that’s being experimented with. Translucent glass, which will allow us to see the inner workings of, say, an iPhone. Think about it – it could be pretty cool seeing all the chips and bits inside your mobile. The new type of Gorilla Glass basically means that manufacturers will be able to try out a whole wealth of new designs. That could mean some rather exciting things for upcoming flagship devices. There’s been talk of reflective-style pieces as well as ones with a picture printed directly onto them. If designers can dream it, manufacturers can make it happen.

Goodbye, Phone Cases

All this means that you probably won’t want to cover up your shiny new device with a bulky case. We hear you! Luckily, Gorilla Glass 6 should solve that problem as well. The super tough material is touted to survive 15 drops on a rough surface. That should be enough for even the clumsiest *cough* me *cough* of us out there to deal with.

Right now, it’s not clear whether the leading phone brands will adopt the new colours of material styles that the glass offers. That will depend largely on trends within the realms of smartphones and whether they take off generally. However, the tech is there to be used. So, it’s not a completely mad notion that we might be seeing it in the future.

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