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Google Lens might be the best Android feature you haven’t heard of

Say hello to the AI of the future!

Psst… Have you heard the news? Google has just announced a snazzy little feature that could change the way we search forever. Yes, thanks to Google Lens, finding out about products, places, and things in general couldn’t be easier. Just point and click.

What is Google Lens?

Brace yourself – this is pretty darn exciting. Google Lens is the future. It’s an AI-powered feature that uses your phone’s camera along with machine learning to detect what objects are. All you need to do is point your phone at whatever you want to know about, and snap away.

If this is all sounding a tad familiar, you’re not wrong. Yes, this space-aged tech shares some similarities with the likes of Samsung’s Bixby Vision. Well spotted. But, in truth, there are a few differences between these two features as well.

Not only will Google Lens identify objects – from flowers to technology – but it will also give you suggestions based on what you look at. For example, if you point the lens at a cup of coffee, it might suggest cafes nearby. If you point it at a gig picture, it may offer to play you songs from the band’s collection. Neat, huh?

Dizzy with excitement already? Wait. There’s more. You could also use the feature to identify places, such as clubs, restaurants, and bars. Google Lens will not only tell you where you are and what the name is but also pull up reviews of the place from the net.

In reality, this feature could be integrated into all manner of apps and functions. You could use the handy image-searching feature to find out a whole range of things. You may never have to type out a question again! The sky’s the limit.

Which Apps Use Google Lens?

Of course, the idea is that this feature will be integrated into many apps in the future. To start off with, though, it will be part of the existing, Google Assistant and Google Photos.

Google Lens won’t be specific to just Google Pixel devices either. Selected Android phones will have it too!

In fact, your handset may already have it. There’s a quick way to find out. Simply open up the above apps and check to see whether the icon is there. Easy.

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