Google Pixel 3’s new kiss cam feature is perfect for romantics

It’s time to pucker up!

Feeling all loved up this springtime? Whether you’re in the midst of new love or content with your long-term significant other, here’s something that you will simply adore.

The latest update to the Google Pixel camera has a romantic twist that you don’t want to ignore.

Yes, when you’ve updated your device, you can say a huge hello to the ‘kiss recognition’ feature on the Google Camera app. Nice.

The feature is just what it says on the tin. When you lean in for a smooch with that special someone, the camera recognises that and snaps a quick photo.

To unlock the feature, you will need to make sure that you’re in Photobooth mode on your device.

The mode is ideal for hands-free selfies as it detects certain facial expressions, such as smiles, and then clicks the shutter for you when it sees them.

How it Works

While it may sound like a simple feature, there’s a whole load of technology behind it. There’s a whole load of artificial intelligence at work, which is geared towards pulling the operation off.

The ‘kiss recognition’ feature doesn’t just work for people either. You can plant a massive kiss on anything – your pet, an inanimate object, or your hands.

That means that snapping the perfect, romantic picture of you and bae (or anything else!) in seconds couldn’t be easier.

Rather than worrying about getting the right moment, the Google Camera app does all of the hard work for you. That means that all you need to do is get your kissing game on point. Why not start practicing today? It’s a great excuse.

Photobooth in action on Pixel 3. Credit: Google.

The Future of Selfies

“We’re excited by the possibilities of automatic photography on camera phones. As computer vision continues to improve, in the future we may generally trust smart cameras to select a great moment to capture,” writes Google in a blog post.

“Photobooth is an example of how we can carve out a useful corner of this space—selfies and group selfies of smiles, funny faces, and kisses—and deliver a fun and useful experience.”

It’s worth remembering that this is merely the start. The advanced camera mode can also detect smiles, your tongue being out, pursed lips (like you’re planting a kiss or pulling a duck face), puffed out cheeks and a surprised expression.

What’s more, in the future, the feature may be able to detect even more facial expressions and gestures to trigger its shutter. Now that this tech is in place, Google could use it for a wide range of purposes. Interesting stuff.

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