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Google’s three new photo-editing apps are a must-have

Google is experimenting with mobile photography, as it launches a new ‘Appsperiments’ project with three photo editing apps.

A collaboration by Google’s internal teams has produced ‘Appsperiments’, Google’s latest research project into apps.

These particular apps are all about exploring the potentials of mobile photography, and the different ways we can share our photos online.

We, for one, are always on the lookout for cool new photo editing apps, so felt compelled to take a closer look at what Google has been working on.

1) Storyboard

Storyboard is an awesome way to capture a video in a series of frames, creating a shareable image. The app cleverly selects still frames from your video, using an advanced algorithm.

There are several styles you can pick from, too, that can further jazz up your results.

Sadly, Storyboard is only available for Android right now. Sorry iOS fans, you’ll have to hang tight.

Download Storyboard for free from Google Play.

2) Selfissimo!

As the name suggests, Selfissimo! is going to be a hit with selfie lovers.

The smart tech featured in this app takes an automatic photo for you, but, importantly, only when you’ve finished adjusting your hair and perfecting your pose (basically, once you stop moving).

Using Selfissimo!, there’s no need to awkwardly stretch and wriggle to get the perfect angle first time. Selfissimo takes multiple photos, letting you pick the ones you love most for your new profile pic.

Another great thing, Selfissimo! is available for both iOS and Android, so everyone’s a winner.

Download Selfissimo! for free from Google Play or the App Store.

3) Scrubbies

Scrubbies lets you manipulate your recorded videos and enhance certain parts, to see them in a faster, slower, or in-reverse motion. It’s sort of like Boomerang from Instagram, for those that know it.

All of this is done using the easy tools within the Scrubbies app, and takes hardly any time at all to achieve artistic and professional-looking effects. Ready to share with your friends on social media.

This time, it’s bad news for Android users, as Scrubbies is only available for iPhone right now.

Download Scrubbies for free from the App Store.

Getting ‘Googley’

So, how do Google’s impressive photo-editing apps work? Well, it comes down to a number of technical details, but summed up, they rely on object stabilisation and rendering software for the image creation process. Not to mention object recognition, style algorithms, efficient image coding and decoding.

Google’s blog post on these apps explains that this is the first instalment in a series of smartphone photo-related releases. We for one, are very keen to see what the tech giant comes up with next.

Get involved with the apps today, and give your feedback to Google, as it  will apparently help it create other new and exciting ‘Googley’ stuff for us to enjoy.

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