Has Apple dethroned John Lewis as the king of Christmas adverts?

Watch Apple’s new Christmas advert to find out.

There was a time when the Christmas advert was… well, just an advert — a short clip showing gleeful kids unwrapping presents, or a family enjoying a turkey dinner together. Nothing more, nothing less. It was a simpler time.

It was a time when we didn’t expect all that much from the commercial break between shows; when, frankly, we hurried out to the kitchen to make a cuppa, hoping desperately that we could get back in time for part two.

Then Christmas 2011 happened. It was the year that John Lewis changed everything.

That’s because 2011 was the year John Lewis released its first Christmas advert, in the lead up to the big day, and it was more like a beautifully shot short film than anything else.

The Long Wait, as it was called, showed a small boy waiting patiently to give his parents a present. Set against the backdrop of Slow Moving Millie singing a rendition of The Smiths’ Please, Please, Please, it was enough to melt even the iciest of hearts.

With that one-minute, thirty-second advert, a new era was born. Since then, the biggest names from the likes of Sainsbury’s to Unicef have taken part in the creative tradition. What’s more, for us lucky viewers, when the festive season comes around, we once again get a chance to see some of the finest shorts in the form of adverts.

So, six years after John Lewis’ first Christmas advert aired, which company is topping the charts with their Christmas offering?

Well, you may have already seen this year’s John Lewis advert. It comes complete with a handy hashtag #MoxTheMonster, and features a boy trying desperately to get some sleep, but failing since the monster under his bed won’t let him. Of course, come the big day, the friendly monster gives him a special present — sleep. You can watch it here:

While it’s a decent enough attempt, in my opinion, #MoxTheMonster has nothing on John Lewis’ previous attempts at spreading the festivities. That means that there’s room for another company to swoop in and take the top spot. So, which will it be?

There’s one advert in particular that has a real shot. Produced by none other than Apple, the below Christmas advert tells a story of a man and a woman falling gently in love, with a little help from Sam Smith and a pair of AirPods. Watch it here:

It’s basically a modern-day romance. As the leading lady bumps into a man on the street, she slips an AirPod into his ear and the two continue to dance and perform some incredible gymnastic feats together. An epic story, jaw-dropping choreography, and a sprinkling of love to boot; the advert really does have it all. Still, will it be enough to dethrone John Lewis? Decide for yourself.

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