Here are some of the best photos ever taken on an iPhone

Think you can do better than these photos? We challenge you!

The modern-day mobile phone camera is a thing of wonders. Apple is no stranger to the trend, with each iPhone offering professional-like results without much input.

That’s right. Even with little photography skill, the everyday user can take remarkable photos on their iPhone any time they want.

The iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) have been running competitions since 2008 and each year amateur photographers get a chance to submit their best photos.

The categories include portraits, lifestyle and animals, among others. Let’s look at some of the greatest, award-winning photos taken over the last decade.



When you first cast your eyes on this masterpiece by Jedrzej Franek, it may look like a patchwork cover or a piece of abstract art. In actuality, this is a bird’s eye view of buildings in Poland. The image shows the Polonez Hotel, which was once a high-end establishment but fell into disrepair during the 2000s. The photo was awarded third place in the Abstract IPPAWARDS category in 2018.

The Wonky One


Capturing a photo that tells a story is a tricky feat. However, shifting your perspective and looking at things from a new angle could be the answer. That’s exactly what photographer Cocu Liu did with this awe-inspiring piece. The Wonky One shows off the sharply sloping streets of San Francisco. By turning the iPhone camera slightly, Liu has made it appear as though the houses are literally descending into the ground at an angle.

A Smattering of Foxes


Eight foxes stare up at the camera in the 2016 winning photo for the Animal category. The photographer did an incredible job of creating a unique picture by taking it from above. It looks as though the person is elevated – perhaps on a stool or up a tree – and the animals are looking up at them, wondering what on earth they are doing. Stunning.

She Bends with the Wind


A mysterious red figure brandishing an umbrella bends in the wind on a country scene in Cape Cod. The picture is only elevated by the astounding sunset in the backdrop. Gorgeous. Photography Robin Robertis captured this powerful image and entered the IPPAWARDS competition back in 2016. The photograph went down a storm, winning him second place in the Photographer of the Year category.

Jameh Mosque of Isfahan


Photographer KuangLong Zhang captured this perfectly framed picture of one of the oldest mosques in Iran. Combining both light and shadows in a truly artistic manner, it’s no wonder that this picture won second place in the 2018 Architecture category. Fun fact: This image was actually snapped on an iPhone 7!



Getting a picture like no other could come down to timing! Second place in the 2018 Children category proved just that. The image shows a young boy on a scooter in a skate park in Haifa, Israel. The child is mid-air, thanks to some crafty timing by photographer, Dina Alfasi. The photo was taken on an iPhone X and the quality is awesome.

A Bad Day


Imagine if someone captured the worst day of your life in a snapshot. Photographer Gerard Collett managed to nab a picture of someone being taken away by police officers and a police car awaiting them. They say that a picture tells a thousand words but this one could be an entire memoir. Unsurprisingly, the intriguing image won first place in the 2014 News and Events category.

A Floral Closeup


You might think pictures of flowers are a little simplistic but, at times, they can turn out to be works of absolute art. The second-place winner in the 2016 Flowers category is certainly a sight to behold. Photographer Lone Bjørn managed to capture an amazing picture of a poppy close with the sun burning in the background. It’s one of a kind!

The Young and the Weary


Showing the distance between generations, Athena Tan’s offering to the 2014 IPPAWARDS is one of the most telling pictures you will ever see. The shot shows both youth and wisdom in one photo and could tell a long story if you stared at it for a while. The picture was taken on an iPhone and entered into the People category.

A Tasty Meal


Millennials are a generation of meal-snappers. So, it should come as no surprise that the IPPAWARDS Food category is a popular one. Back in 2014, photographer Sofija Strindlund took an Instagram-worthy shot of her plate that won her third place in the category. The picture was taken in Stockholm, Sweden and shows a meal fit for a queen.

Wild Stallion


This moody entry from the 2013 IPPAWARDS is an unforgettable one. The picture shows a wild horse racing across a lonesome country road. The timing is impeccable. Add that to the cloudy backdrop and dim lighting and it’s clear to see that this one is a winner. Luckily, the judges thought so too, and the picture got first place in the Animals category.

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