Here’s how to set Donald Trump as your GPS voice

This is not fake news.

Ask yourself this very simple question: What could possibly make your commute to work better?

(Or much, much worse).

You might be thinking, a free cup of coffee? Or someone else driving your car for a change? More accurate traffic reports? Or, just maybe, the US president helping you navigate your journey? If that last idea has you jumping for joy, you’re in real luck.

(Though you may want to get yourself evaluated by a medical professional. Sad!)

If you happen to have the Karta GPS app on your device, you could be in for something of an American-themed treat. Yes, the company has integrated a rather weird feature on its latest software update. You could soon be driving along to the sound of Donald Trump (well, a Donald Trump impersonator), making Sat Navs great again!

Saying that, you’re probably sat there questioning why on earth anyone would want Trump to navigate their trip. But before you get all up in arms, remember that almost 50% of Americans voted for him. Maybe, just maybe, there’s someone out there who couldn’t imagine a better guide.

Whatever your reason for wanting Trump to shoot directions at you, it’s never been easier to get his voice on demand. The Karta GPS app includes Trump’s impersonated voice as standard, so you can simply select the option and get set out on a new trip. The best trip. Hey, everybody will tell you it’s the best. So beautiful.

Of course, it may seem a tad partisan to include just only one president’s voice over. We’re guessing that’s why the Portuguese company also added an impersonated Bill Clinton to the GPS app. What could possibly be better than that, eh?

Aside from the questionable selection of voices, Karta GPS is actually pretty snazzy. It works with Foursquare and Yelp to create a completely synced up experience. And, while you may not be sure about Trump guiding you home, it’s got a whole range of speakers from which to choose. Nice.

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