Here’s why Apple’s Face ID could be coming to Android

Is this the future of smartphone security?

From mobile banking to your never-ending emails, your phone is the key to unlocking them all.

For most of us, everything that’s essential to our modern existence is stored inside this little handheld gadget. So, with that in mind, the very last thing we want is anybody accessing it.

That’s why phone security is such a hot topic these days — we all want our mobile phones to be impenetrable. Needless to say, Face ID is a real game-changer.

Of course, with the upcoming release of iPhone X, Apple is truly leading the way in security. But, it looks as though Android smartphones could be hot on its heels.

Since the announcement of Apple’s revolutionary new security system, many have speculated on what Android manufacturers will do next.

Well, the leading phone manufacturers won’t want to get left behind if facial recognition takes off. That is, according to industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities, who recently noted that we may be seeing some face scanning tech from Android devices in the near future.

The belief is that facial recognition is the most secure way to lock and unlock a mobile phone, making iPhone X pretty much the safest smartphone right now (or when it launches, at least).

But facial recognition technology isn’t just about security. It allows for a whole range of new features, including futuristic augmented reality functions and Animoji.

“3D sensing not only enables facial recognition in security applications and allows users to create fun expressions like Apple’s Animoji, on a more important level, it is a key factor in the development of AR,” – Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities

While it would be easy to assume that this spells the end for the likes of fingerprint sensors, that may not be the case…

According to Kuo, Samsung is currently developing a sensor that’ll work under glass for the Galaxy Note 9, possibly launching next summer.

So, what does the future hold for mobile security? Well, if these predictions are correct, quite a lot actually. Yes, 2018 could see a whole host of brand new features on both Android and Apple smartphones. Watch this space!

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