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How to cast secret Harry Potter spells using your Android phone

You don’t even need a letter from Hogwarts.

If you ever watched (or, indeed, read) Harry Potter and wished that you too could possess wizardly powers, you’re in luck.

All you need is an Android smartphone and you can start casting spells, just like the pupils from the famous wizarding school of Hogwarts. It might sound like fiction, but we can assure you that this is very real indeed.

Google and Warner Bros have teamed up to make the dreams of little boys and girls around the world come true. Ahead of the upcoming ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ movie, the two companies have decided to give us – the muggles – a taste of the magic world.

Are you ready to learn some Android spells?


If your fingers are twitching already, you may well be wondering which spells you can cast! Can you levitate, fly, or disappear? Well… no. Sorry. But you can do these cool things that are certain to mesmerize your friends and family. No apps or wands needed, just follow the below instructions.

Light up Using Lumos

Cast this spell by saying ‘Okay Google, Lumos’ and something totally magical will happen. Your torch app will suddenly switch on and you will have all the light you could possibly need to creep down corridors at night, filling them with its warm, enticing glow!

Put out the Lights Using Nox

Once you’re finished with the light, how can you switch it off? Tapping the display would be a fool’s game. Only mere muggles would do that. So, instead, there’s an incantation you may want to try. By simply saying ‘Okay Google, Nox,’ you can make the light disappear in a flash.

Put a Cork in It Using Silencio

Finally, the last of our spells is perhaps the most useful. As the name suggests, this simple spell stops your phone from making any loud noises when you need it to be quiet! (In other words, it switches your device from ‘loud’ to ‘silent’ mode.) To conjure this spell, you just have to utter three little words – ‘Okay Google, Silencio.’

But wait! There’s more magical goodness…

As if these three spells weren’t enough, you can also time travel. Yep, you read that right. Using Google Street View, you can head back to 1928 New York to explore the settings of the latest movie. Incredible, right? So, stop whatever you’re doing right now – and discover your inner witch or wizard.

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