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How to watch the World Cup 2018 for free on your phone, tablet and TV

The World Cup 2018 kicks off on the 14th of June. Get your phone and tablet set up and ready!

Football fans, the biggest tournament of the last four years is almost here…

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia officially kicks off on 14 June, with the first match between Russia and Saudi Arabia! You might be wondering how you can watch all the games for free on your phone, tablet or TV.

Well, it couldn’t be easier.

This year, the BBC and ITV Sport are covering all 64 World Cup matches, which means that you can watch them for free. Whether it’s on your TV at home, your mobile phone when you’re out and about, or your tablet when you’re at work, it’s simple.

Here’s how to download the required apps and get watching the goal-scoring action.

Download BBC iPlayer for Free

The BBC is covering a portion of the World Cup, which you can watch live for free on your TV, phone or tablet. As though that wasn’t enough to get you excited, there’s also the news that dozens of the matches will be shown in 4K resolution.

Apparently, there will be a limited number of screens (i.e. people in the UK) that will have access to the 4K coverage, which is to be served on a first-come, first-served basis.

So, if you’re hoping to see the matches in super-high quality, you’d better get online to watch them as soon as they kick off. Here’s how you can download the BBC iPlayer app to watch the matches on your mobile phone and tablet.

Android Devices

Go to Play Store > search BBC iPlayer > press Install. Once the download has completed, you can start using the app. You may have to register for a BBC account or sign into the one that you already have. (Don’t worry – this takes just a second!)

iPhone and iPad

If you don’t already have BBC iPlayer on your iPhone or iPad, getting it couldn’t be easier.

Just go to the App Store > search BBC iPlayer > press Get. You may have to authorise the download using Touch ID or your Apple ID. When the download has completed, you’ll need to register to get a BBC account or sign in to your existing account.

Download ITV Hub for Free

Of course, the matches that aren’t on the BBC will be over on ITV Sport. You can watch these live on your TV or stream them using ITV Hub and your smartphone or tablet. Here’s what you need to know.

Android Devices

Go to Play Store > search ITV Hub > press Install. The download shouldn’t take too long if you’re connected to WiFi and you should be able to open the app quickly after that. When you’ve agreed to the terms and conditions, you’ll need to sign up for an ITV account to start watching shows and live streams.

iPhone and iPad

If you have an iPhone or iPad, the process is similar. Go to App Store > search ITV Hub > press Get and authorise the download.

Again, you’ll need to have an ITV account or create one before you can start watching any content. It might be a pain but remember, once you’re signed in, you will remain signed in!

On Three? Go Binge the World Cup!

Of course, there’s one thing that you can be sure of – streaming TV can eat into your data. If you happen to be on the Three network, there’s a simple way to combat this problem.

The Go Binge feature, that’s available on Advanced plans with 12GB or more, means that you can use certain apps as much as you want without having any caps on the data that you use!

One of the apps that’s included in this deal is TVPlayer, which allows you to watch both ITV and BBC shows. Yes, that means that you can get all the World Cup games in one little app. Nice.

Download the TVPlayer app from the Play Store if you’re an Android user, or the App Store if you have an iPhone and get watching!

When Are the World Cup 2018 Fixtures?

Need to get your diary in order so you don’t miss a single game from the World Cup this year? The full fixture list is below, with all the dates and times you need to know (plus which broadcaster is covering the specific game).

14 June: Russia v Saudi Arabia (4pm ITV)

15 June: Egypt v Uruguay (1pm BBC), Morocco v Iran (4pm ITV), Portugal v Spain (7pm BBC)

16 June: France v Australia (11am BBC), Argentina v Iceland (2pm ITV), Peru v Denmark (5pm BBC) Croatia v Nigeria (8pm ITV)

17 June: Costa Rica v Serbia (1pm ITV), Germany v Mexico (4pm BBC), Brazil v Switzerland (7pm ITV)

18 June: Sweden v South Korea (1pm ITV), Belgium v Panama (4pm BBC), Tunisia v England (7pm BBC)

19 June: Colombia v Japan (1pm BBC), Poland v Senegal (4pm ITV), Russia v Egypt (7pm BBC)

20 June: Portugal v Morocco (1pm BBC), Uruguay v Saudi Arabia (4pm BBC), Iran v Spain (7pm ITV)

21 June: Denmark v Australia (1pm ITV), France v Peru (4pm ITV), Argentina v Croatia (7pm BBC)

22 June: Brazil v Costa Rica (1pm ITV) Nigeria v Iceland (4pm BBC), Serbia v Switzerland (7pm BBC),

23 June: Belgium v Tunisia (1pm BBC), South Korea v Mexico (4pm ITV), Germany v Sweden (7pm ITV)

24 June: England v Panama (1pm BBC), Japan v Senegal (4pm BBC), Poland v Colombia (7pm ITV)

25 June: Uruguay v Russia (3pm ITV), Saudi Arabia v Egypt (3pm ITV), Spain v Morocco (7pm BBC) Iran v Portugal (7pm BBC)

26 June: Denmark v France (3pm ITV), Australia v Peru (3pm ITV), Iceland v Croatia (7pm BBC), Argentina v Nigeria (7pm BBC)

27 June: South Korea v Germany (3pm BBC), Mexico v Sweden (3pm BBC), Serbia v Brazil (7pm ITV), Switzerland v Costa Rica (7pm ITV)

28 June: Senegal v Colombia (3pm BBC), Japan v Poland (3pm BBC) England v Belgium (7pm ITV), Panama v Tunisia (7pm ITV)

Of course, the last 16 fixtures will be determined by the results of the matches here. The World Cup Final 2018 will take place on Sunday 15th July at 4pm and will be shown on both the BBC and ITV Sport. Come on, England!

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