HQ: the free quiz app that gives away £1000s a day

Win cash from the comfort of your sofa!

Are you a quiz-aholic? Are you obsessed with The Chase, addicted to Tipping Point, and passionate about Pointless? Then we’ve got some rather exciting news for you!

Say hello to HQ Trivia – the free quiz app that allows you to take part in a live trivia game every day and win yourself some cold, hard cash.

The app was previously in the US and ventured over to the UK this year. The premise is pretty simple: Every single day, there’s a live 15-minute game show that takes place on the app and you can take part… for free!

Here’s the best bit: There’s a pot of actual real-life cash that’s split between the winners, which means that you could literally get some money for nothing.

So, how much can you win? Well, you probably shouldn’t quit your day job and become a full-time quizer (although – let’s face it – that would be the dream!). Winners in the UK have received anything from £1.64 to £8,000! In the US, the winnings have been even higher, with the biggest jackpot totalling $300,000 (£214,000!).

How Do You Play?

If you’re tempted to get a slice of the quizzing action, it couldn’t be easier.

Each game consists of 12 trivia-based questions, which you need to answer just by tapping your screen. Simple. If you get all the questions right, you get a share of the jackpot.

You can then pop the winnings in your balance and transfer them directly to your PayPal account.

Don’t miss the game! When you’ve downloaded the app, verified your phone, and chosen your username, you will get a quick screen that asks you about notifications. It’s best to turn them on so that you get a little reminder of when the game is about to begin.

What Makes HQ Trivia Special?

While there are loads of quiz and trivia apps out there, the genius element of this one is the fact that it’s live. Making sure that you open HQ at the right time to play is key. The app’s creators have proved that this quirky idea can pique the interest of a whole host of people – young and old.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are occasional ‘guest hosts’ on the app. The US version has seen the likes of Bert from Sesame Street and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson host the game. With any luck, we’ll be getting some big names on the UK version soon too.

Plus, it’s totally free to play and you don’t get bombarded with loads of annoying pop-up adverts either. In fact, it’s thought that HQ makes revenue in alternative ways, like via sponsorship deals. In the past, the quiz app has given away prizes from the likes of Warner Bros and Nike as part of partnership deals. Interesting!

Download HQ Trivia for free on iPhone | Android

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