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HTC U 11: rumours and release date

Availability, features and price. Here’s everything you need to know about HTC U 11.

When HTC 10 launched earlier in 2016, it was something of a game-changer for the brand. For a couple of years, HTC’s smartphones felt a little too familiar, so we wanted a change. And that’s what we got in HTC 10, which is a totally new phone, complete with a brand new design and fancy specs.

Now, we’re ready for the next installment from HTC, and it helps that rumours for the upcoming flagship have been plentiful.

Starting with the name. Looking at the latest tease from HTC (see below), it’s next smartphone might actually be called HTC U 11. That would tie it in with the recent launch of HTC U Ultra and U Play.

When is HTC U 11 Being Released?

Let’s deal with the most pressing question: When on earth will HTC’s next flagship officially be out?

We now know that the good people at HTC have officially announced 16 May as HTC U 11’s debuting date.

As for the release date, we still don’t know. That being said, we expect the HTC U 11 launch won’t be far behind its announcement, and may be available by the end of the month, or early June.

HTC U 11 Design Rumours

Okay, so we don’t know precisely what HTC U 11 will look like yet. However the tech manufacturer has released a sneak peek on Twitter.

And then, of course, there are the leaks. One source on Weibo recently shared a picture allegedly showing off HTC U 11’s design. We’re not entirely sure where they got the photo from and whether it’s legit, but it sure looks good, with an edge-to-edge screen and metal shell. It’s also probable that, like may other top mobiles right now, HTC U 11 will sport a glass cover.

Other suspected features include a fingerprint sensor on the front of the device, curved edges, and black bezels above and below the screen.

If this is the clean, contemporary design we can expect, it’s fair to say that fans will not be disappointed. The style looks like an evolution of the HTC 10 but is somehow slicker and more minimalist.

HTC U 11 Camera Rumours

Many HTC users will want to know precisely what the camera on HTC U 11 will be capable of, especially since this has been such a strong feature for flagship HTCs over the years.

With the likes of Apple and Samsung rolling out some absolute worldies in 2016, HTC is under pressure to pull something special out of the bag this year. Alas, according to the same Weibo source, HTC U 11’s camera might not change much at all from the 10…

HTC 10 features a 12MP rear camera, and the source suggests that the U 11 will also feature a 12MP camera! That being said, we know HTC isn’t daft. While the megapixel count may remain the same, there will almost certainly be improvements to the camera in other areas.

The Weibo source also claims that HTC U 11 will feature an 8MP front-facing camera. No talk of a dual-lens camera just yet.

HTC U 11 Power Rumours

Again, this is based on rumour, but a Chinese source recently leaked some very interesting information about HTC U 11 internals. If we’re to believe it, then this fabled device will come complete with the state-of-the-art Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, a huge 8GB RAM and, what’s more, it’ll offer a whopping 256GB of internal storage. That’s more power, memory and room than you’ll know what to do with.

Right now, we don’t know what OS the phone will run on, but it would be logical for HTC to release the mobile with Android 7.0 Nougat pre-installed. Of course, they’ll need to tweak the OS to suit the device, but it should be very similar to the original operating system.

HTC U 11 Display Rumours

One area where HTC U 11 speculation hasn’t been hard to come by is the display, from its resolution to its size to its design.

Because of the sheer number of rumours, we don’t have a definitive answer to these questions, so let’s entertain a couple of the most popular ideas right now. Something we keep hearing time and time again is that HTC U 11 will sport an impressive 5.5-inch Quad HD (1440 x 2560) display for the most epic experience yet.

Even more exciting, though, is yet another Weibo source that’s claiming HTC U 11 may have a curved edge, much like Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Whether HTC will look to emulate its South Korean competitor, we don’t know, but it’s a thrilling possibility.

HTC U 11 Extra Features

One of the major rumoured features of the HTC U 11 is something called ‘Sense Touch’. That’s a pressure-sensitive frame which will allow you to control the phone by squeezing it. HTC has even released the slogan “squeeze for the brilliant U” to go alongside this and you can see it in their video. Right now, we’re not sure how the frame will exactly work, but it is very intriguing!

HTC may also be improving the audio features of this device by including four separate microphones and a USonic feature. The latter will supposedly tailor the audio of the device to the shape and size of your ear canal. Sounds pretty futuristic, right? Another HTC U 11 rumour which may not prove as popular as all of the above is that they will be ditching the headphone port, much like Apple did with the iPhone 7. Bold move.

HTC U 11 Pricing Rumours

So, now that you’ve heard all the rumours, let’s talk money. Since this is HTC’s flagship phone, it should sit towards the high end of the market. Since we have no official word on the pricing, all we can really do is speculate. When HTC 10 was released in 2016, its RRP was about £570. It wouldn’t be particularly surprising if HTC U 11 cost around the same.

Got any questions about HTC U 11? Comment below and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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