If mobile phone brands were Premier League football teams

“Unbelievable, Jeff!”

We bet you never thought you’d see mobile phone brands compared to football teams, well, here we are! We’ve compiled 10 Premier League teams and compared them to a mobile phone brand counterpart.

So, let’s take a look, where will your team place in our 18-19 Premier League and mobile phone brand list?

Apple would be Manchester United

No surprises here for this match. Both Apple and Manchester United dominated the headlines in both the footballing and mobile world for so long, who else could we have chosen?!

It’s only in recent years that Manchester United has been challenged for the top spot, and likewise, Apple too. With competition rife, rivals are spending the big bucks to attract better talent to its teams, and challenge Apple for the top spot. It has to be said that Huawei were recently successful in doing this, overtaking Apple to become the second largest mobile manufacturer in the world.

Huawei would be Manchester City

These two brands have been spending big in the last few years, and now reaping the rewards of its investment, producing a title winning formula in both football and the smartphone world.

With stars radiating quality like Raheem Sterling and comparative performers in the mobile world, such as the Huawei P20 Pro, it seems like these two are here to stay.

Samsung would be Chelsea

Right up there in the mix, both Chelsea and Samsung have been long standing members at the top of the tree.

They have had their fair share of success and bad press in both the past and present. With cup, European and domestic success, you can draw comparisons to Samsung and its continued performance year-on-year in wider markets than just the UK. Samsung were also main shirt sponsors for Chelsea in recent years.

Nokia would be Tottenham

Back to winning ways, it can only be Tottenham and Nokia. Recent seasons have lifted Spurs back into Champions League football and Premier League title contention. This can only be paralleled by the creators of the famous 3310, Nokia.

The boys at Nokia bowed out for some time, and with other manufacturers dominating the market, it was only going to be an uphill battle for the guys and gals at the Nokia HQ training ground. Fear not though, with new high quality phones coming out, it won’t be long before they’re back in the big time.

Sony would be Everton

The old guard, the usual suspects, the ones that have always been there – The Toffees can draw similarities to this mobile brand based on its continued quality, spells competing at the top and its challenges for those much sought after Euro competition spots. It can only be, Sony.

CAT would be Liverpool

Much like CAT mobile phones, Liverpool teams have been tough to beat of late and its efforts aren’t going unnoticed. With some investment into its products, CAT devices are becoming more popular.

With a distinguished history and continued improvements in both domestic and European competitions, Liverpool will most definitely be ones to watch in the coming seasons alongside its mobile brand counterpart, CAT.

LG would be Arsenal

Falling from grace or simply taking a sabbatical? Although LG continues to produce quality upfront, it can’t seem to compete with the likes of Huawei, Samsung and Apple these days.

Once upon a time, any Arsenal or LG would have taken on any rivals that stood in its way. How will these two respond in the coming seasons?

Moto would be Wolverhampton Wanderers

With both these brands under Chinese ownership and a return to the best football league in the world for Wolves, should we be expecting a rebirth of the Moto brand? Moto continues to produce quality mobile phones that are both functional as well as stylish. With its launch of the Moto P30, it’s clear to see it’s not messing around.

A Wolves side that returned to the top flight this season boosted its player pool this summer, no doubt with a view of having a crack at the best in the Premier League. So far, it seems to be paying off, but, be sure to watch this space, will its mobile counterpart follow suit?

BlackBerry would be Watford

A team and brand that has enjoyed time in the top flight of English football, as well as UK smartphone domination. BlackBerry’s reign however, was short lived and it was soon out matched when the market turned to all-screen devices, ditching the once loved screen and keyboard combo.

As Watford enjoys another season in the Premier League, it can enjoy the benefits of playing with the big boys but may need some future investment to keep it there. Much like BlackBerry, it may be time to innovate its phone range for it to be able to compete at the top once more.

Alcatel would be Cardiff City

A team from over the border, in this case Wales, shares its place on this list with a mobile manufacturer from over the water in France. Recently promoted back to the big time, The Bluebirds continue to flutter at the lower end of the table.

Although, Alcatel maintains a more affordable, entry level offering for its phones, it’s happy to play at this end of the market, rather than trying to compete with the big boys.

So, there you have it. What do you think to our comparisons? Whatever your team, you can buy yourself the Manchester United of the smartphone world (Apple – to save you scrolling back to the top), by clicking the banner to check out our special offers.

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