iOS 11 could look amazing on the new iPhone’s edge-to-edge screen

How awesome do these iPhone 8 concepts look?

In the aftermath of Apple’s leak (whoopsie!) last week, many developers and designers have taken the chance to speculate on what this means for Apple. The leak revealed a whole lot about the upcoming HomePod and, interestingly enough, the next iPhone.

While many seem confident that the new iPhone will be announced next month, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Since Apple won’t officially be spilling the beans for a while now, some online sources have taken it upon themselves to try to fill in the blanks.

For example, visual designer, Max Rudberg, had a little fun with the alleged ‘iPhone 8’ design, and ‘imagined’ what the experience would be like running iOS 11. The results look astounding. Not only has he mocked up one design, but three separate concepts of how the user UI may work.

While we don’t know much at this point, Mashable reports that the next iPhone is expected to have a “…5.8-inch OLED screen that stretches edge-to-edge with rounded corners.” That could mean iOS 11 runs totally differently to previous versions. Of course, the almost bezel-less screen is certain to change the way we see and interact with our iPhones.

iPhone 8 and iOS 11: Concept One

The first of Rudberg’s ideas embraces the rumour that the physical Home Button is disappearing altogether, and place of a digital Home Button, complete with navigation buttons at the base of the edge-to-edge screen.

The concept shows the phone filling up every bezel of the screen and leaving little room for much else. In fact, the only part of the front that isn’t screen, is the tiny notch holding the speaker. It’s a unique and intriguing iPhone 8 concept.

iPhone 8 and iOS 11: Concept Two

The second concept is more like iPhones we’ve seen in the past. It would be logical for the alleged iPhone 8 to take on this design. At the top of the screen, there’s a solid bar which encompasses the ‘notch’ where the speaker sits.

At the bottom of the design, part of the screen is dedicated to a digital Home Button and navigation buttons. The result is a large display that takes up the majority of the phone front, only sharing a little space with a solid bar at the top.

iPhone 8 and iOS 11: Concept Three

Finally, the third concept is more or less the same as the second, with just one major difference. The base of the screen (including the Home Button and navigation buttons) has been blacked out completely. The effect makes the screen appear a little smaller than it does on the other concepts.

Of course, Rudberg is merely speculating with these designs and, right now, no one can be sure how the finished product will look. While each of his ideas are viable, it could be that Apple has chosen to go an entirely different way. So, what do you think the next iPhone will look like, eh?

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