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iOS 11 rumours and release date

Here’s everything we’ve found out about iOS 11, including when you can download it, and all the rumoured new features!

You may only have just got used to the changes that iOS 10 made, like all the new ways to message friends, but the world keeps on spinning, and Apple keeps on updating its operating system.

Next in line, for 2017, we anticipate the launch of iOS 11. Already, we can’t wait to see what it has in store. No doubt, you feel much the same… That’s why we’ve compiled all the most exciting iOS 11 rumours from the Internet for you to enjoy.

When Can I Download iOS 11?

Every year, Apple launches its latest version of iOS in tandem with the release of a new iPhone. And that’s usually sometime in September.

However, you probably won’t have to wait that long to get an iOS 11 preview, because Apple’s rather exciting World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2017 event is confirmed for 5-9 June. We expect Apple officials will treat us all to a helping of the latest updates coming to iOS.

For now, we’re working with Internet rumours, which, if true, could make iOS 11 one of the most exciting updates we’ve had in years.

What to Expect from iOS 11

When the iOS 11 finally downloads to your iPhone, what can you expect to change? Well, there are lots of things we’d love to see, and a few little iOS 11 leaks and rumours have given us an idea of what we might actually see.

From new apps to a better version of Siri (yes!), here’s everything we’ve heard so far.

Dark Mode Looks Easy on the Eyes

Some of us can worry about how using gadgets might affect our eyesight. That’s quite possibly why there’s a rumour that Apple will be including a ‘Dark Mode’ as part of the iOS 11 update.

The idea is that when you switch to this mode, the background of your phone or tablet will switch from light to dark, placing less strain on your eyes when it comes to using your device in dark settings.

Oh, and if you’re thinking that this is the same as Night Shift on iPhone, you could not be more wrong. Basically, Night Shift reduces the blue light on your device to apparently aid sleeping, whereas Dark Mode will literally turn the design palette a whole load darker.

More Life-Like Siri

Siri is an excellent feature, but we all know that the AI has had some teething problems along the way. One of the most exciting iOS 11 rumours is that the update will bring with it a newer, smarter version of Siri. (Of course, Apple now has to compete with the likes of Google Assistant, so it makes sense that the company would up its game!)

A couple of the things that we may see with this new update are a more natural (i.e. less robotic) sounding Siri, and a more intuitive platform. So, when you ask Siri a follow-up question, the AI should stay on the original subject rather than you having to clarify what you need again.

Apple’s Own iSnapchat

Another gem of an iOS 11 leak is that Apple is apparently working on a video and picture sharing app. The likelihood is that the app will come as standard with the latest update.

While some people have speculated that it may actually be an update to the original camera app, it would make more sense for Apple to release a stand-alone app that works on a social media level too. Could this latest addition to the iOS rival the likes of Snapchat and Instagram? Well, maybe.

Something VR Related

Psst… I don’t know if you’ve heard, but VR is kind of a big deal in the tech world right now. Already, some Android devices support the Daydream VR system, and so it would only be logical for Apple to bring out something to rival this.

Google Daydream

We’re not entirely sure what form an iOS 11 VR platform could come in, but we’re certainly willing to wait to find out.

NEXT: More features, and find out if your iPhone is compatible with iOS 11.

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