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iPhone 8: rumours and release date

iPhone 8 Display Rumours

You may have heard the rumour, as reported on Fortune, that the upcoming iPhone will have a curved AMOLED display. While that may still very much be an option, the latest ‘iPhone 8’ news suggests that it’s not set in stone just yet. In fact, some sources are now claiming that this screen style is just one of many prototypes Apple’s considering.

There’s also a possibility that ‘iPhone 8’ will feature a curved plastic screen instead, presumably because it’s less likely to shatter. According to Apple Insider, Apple has bought a batch of curved plastic OLED panels from the likes of Samsung. It sounds like the guys at Apple are exploring their screen and display options.

iPhone 8 Pricing Rumours

So, let’s talk money. If you’re hoping to nab yourself an ‘iPhone 8’ in September, how many pennies will you need to save in the meantime?

We honestly won’t know how much the ‘iPhone 8’ will cost until it’s official release. However, the likelihood is that Apple would set the price at a similar mark as the recent iPhone 7. You can expect the phone’s starting price to be around £599, which will increase depending on the spec of the phone.

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