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iPhone 8 vs. Samsung Galaxy S9: Which phone is right for you?

The two major players go head-to-head again!

The release of Samsung Galaxy S9 has got us all in a frenzy. What we know so far about this latest flagship is that it’s pretty darn impressive, but how will it stand up against other leading smartphones?

Let’s take a look at how it compares to the iPhone 8!


Design plays a massive role when it comes to modern-day smartphones. We all want a device that looks slicker, prettier, and more minimal than anything we’ve seen before. That’s why it should come as a bit of a surprise to learn that both the iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S9 look a whole lot like their predecessors.

Let’s take the iPhone 8 first. From a quick glance, the design is akin to that of other previous iPhone models. However, on closer inspection iPhone 8 has an all-glass design, similar screen bezels and curved glass edges.

While many are still happy to go along with this look, some would like to see a little more from one of the world’s leading smartphones. The device is available in three colours too: Gold, Silver, and Space Grey.

Samsung has made a few changes when it comes to the Galaxy S9, but you might not spot them right off the bat.

The near-bezeless look is attractive but not a game changer like the Galaxy S8 last year. The curved glass edges are the best features here as they create a more streamlined, sophisticated look. It comes in Lilac Purple, Midnight Black, and Coral Blue.

There’s no doubt that the Galaxy S9 probably has the better looking and more eye-catching design.


The screens are really where you see some major differences here. The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes packing a nice 5.8-inch Super-AMOLED display and a 2960 x 1440 resolution to boot. That’s bigger than the screen on the iPhone 8 Plus, let alone the standard iPhone 8 model.

It’s, of course, the trend that screens are getting larger and larger, and yet Apple seems to be missing a beat here.

The iPhone 8 features a 4.7-inch screen with 1338 x 750 resolution. It’s a real step down from the likes of the Samsung, which could be a problem for users.

However, there are some added extras that come alongside Apple’s screen, which may help to sweeten the deal. For instance, it boasts True Tone technology, which means that the device adapts to surroundings, making it more comfortable on the eyes. Oh, there’s also 3D Touch, which lets you open up extra options on your iPhone by long-pressing the screen. Kind of like a right click on a mouse.


Here’s where the two devices strike some common ground. On both the iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S9, you can find wireless charging (which, as we already know, is the future!), a fingerprint scanner, and a waterproof build.

The iPhone 8 has stuck with many of the features that we’ve seen before. It seems that Apple has saved some of its real showstoppers for the iPhone X instead! The former is packed with Siri, Apple Pay, FaceTime HD, Touch ID and faster charging than we’ve seen on previous models. The wireless charging feature is new here. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to differentiate the device from others in the line.

Samsung has done a better job of giving phone users more features for their money. The Samsung Galaxy S9 has new AR capabilities (including AR Emoji), a smarter version of Bixby, and Facial Recognition to be used for Samsung Pay. It appears that all of the above are set to rival the features on the iPhone X, rather than the iPhone 8!


If you’re a tad snap-happy, you may be wondering which device happens to have the best camera available? Well, the jury is still out on this one, especially because both smartphones offer different features on its latest cameras.

When it comes to the selfie camera, Samsung’s offering has a small advantage here with 8MP, while the iPhone boasts just 7MP.

However, as we’ve already seen, the iPhone 8 also features FaceTime HD, which is useful for people who want an ultra clear video call.

When it comes to the rear camera it’s pretty much a tie. Both phones boast a 12MP main camera along with digital zoom. The iPhone 8 has a quad LED flash, whereas the Samsung Galaxy S9 offers a dual LED flash. It’s a small difference, but one that is worth noting all the same.

Samsung’s camera features include a Pro Mode and adjustable aperture, which should mean that you can take incredibly sharp photos in natural daylight. The iPhone counters this with Portrait mode, featured on the main camera with fun and interesting photos effects, like depth focus. The Portrait Lighting feature for iPhone goes next level, helping produce jazzy selfies using a bunch of cool lighting effects.

Power and Storage

And now, for the finer deets!

You can expect the very latest Exynos 9810, Android Oreo, 4GB RAM, and 64GB of storage from the Samsung Galaxy S9. It also has a decent enough 3000mAh battery too. In short, you’re not likely to be disappointed here as the flagship phone has all the latest specs.

The iPhone 8, of course, has the iOS 11 operating system, which has been touted as the best version so far. It also has the brand new Apple A11 Bionic and M11 co-processor. You can choose between 64GB and 256GB storage. Needless to say, the specs are equally high here, meaning that either device will do a stellar job!


So, how much with each of these flagships set you back?

Well, the iPhone 8 has been out a good few months now and costs £699 for the standard model. The Samsung S9 hasn’t quite hit stores yet (only a week to go!) but will cost £739 when it does. As always, you’ll want to keep your eyes out for any deals you can nab.


Now that you’ve got all the details, it’s decision time. Which phone is right for you?

Sure, there’s not a huge upgrade when it comes to the iPhone 8, but Apple fans may still like it, especially if they are coming up from the likes of the 5 or 6 models. It’s cheaper than the Samsung S9 too, saving customers about £40 along the way.

And yet, there’s no denying that the Samsung is the overall better device. It packs more features, a larger screen, and can compete with almost any phone on the market right now. So, splurging just a little and going for this device could be the way to go. The choice is completely yours!

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