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iPhone photography tips: how to take the best photos easily

Anyone can take great photos on iPhone using these tips.

Why it is that some people can take artsy pictures on their iPhone and others can’t? It all comes down to technique.

If you’ve treated yourself to a state-of-the-art iPhone X or iPhone 8, or you’re still using one of the older models, it might be easier than you think to boost your skills.

Let’s take a moment to check out some of the best and simplest iPhone camera tips and how you can master them to take perfect pictures.

General Camera Tips for iPhone

How to create a bouncing Live Photo:

Did you know you can turn Live photos into gif-style clips? One of the quirkiest iPhone photography tips will help you make a real statement.


How to shoot in black and white:

Feeling creative? We’ve got one of the greatest iPhone camera tips for you. Black and white shooting will help you to unleash your inner artist and create some remarkable pieces of work.


How to adjust slo-mo timing:

After you’ve captured that killer Slo-mo video, the creativity doesn’t stop. One of the best iPhone camera tips means you can adjust the timing and pace of any clip after you’ve taken it. Experiment away!


How to shoot an overhead:

Whether you’re a budding foodie photographer or someone who wants to experiment with pictures style, you’re sure to love this one. Overhead shooting gives you the chance to see things from a new perspective – literally.


How to experiment with framing:

Wondering how to take photos on your iPhone that will turn heads? Framing could be the answer. Getting this part of the picture right means gives it that extra flair.


How to experiment with colour:

Some of the most effective iPhone camera tips are the ones you apply after you’ve snapped a picture. By editing images you’ve already taken, you can play around with colour and make your photos stand out!


How to shoot a close-up:

Are you ready for your close-up? If the answer’s yes, here’s one of the most important iPhone photography tips you will ever learn.


How to shoot a vertical Pano:

From skyscrapers to mountains, some sights are simply too tall to capture. Or are they? With the iPhone Vertical Pano feature, you can get everything in shot.


How to shoot without a flash:

Ready to go flash-less? You’ve got it! Here’s one of the simplest (and most effective) iPhone photography tips out there.


How to shoot action:

Feeling a little adventurous? Getting an action shot just at the right moment can be a tad tricky at times. Luckily, you can use the iPhone camera to help you snap that shot.


How to shoot a selfie with the timer:

How’s your selfie game coming along? If it’s still a little off, you might need some help along the way. Adding a timer into the mix could be the answer.


How to capture a unique angle:

Making your picture truly stand out can be a difficult. Capturing unique angles is far more straightforward than you might think. Give it a go!


How to shoot stills while filming:

Here’s a quick trick: When you’re filming a hilarious video, you can capture still photos at the same time. Mastering this could change your photo style forever.


How to shoot a bold and simple image:

Sometimes, the most memorable pictures are also the simplest. Perfecting this art is as easy as learning a couple of iPhone photography tips.


How to shoot a one-handed selfie:

We’ve all been there! You’re trying to get your good side but you can only use one hand to take that crucial selfie. Here’s how to get it right.


Camera Tips for iPhone X

How to shoot slo-mo:

Whether you’re capturing that all-important goal or shooting a super cool action scene, Slo-mo is the way to go. This effect adds drama and intensity to any short video clip.


How to shoot using backlight:

As dramatic as they are awe-inspiring, backlit shots help you to ramp up the atmosphere one tone at a time. This is one of the iPhone photography tips everybody needs to know.


How to shoot using Burst mode:

Trying to nail that killer shot? Burst mode means you can take a whole load of pictures at once. This pro tip is ideal for getting flawless action shots.


How to shoot with Pano:

Want to know how to use the camera on iPhone to get an incredible wide-angle shot? Look no further! With a steady hand and a little know-how, you’ve got it covered.


How to shoot a Portrait Selfie:

From perfecting your lighting to striking a pose, taking an Instagram-worthy selfie on the iPhone X is a piece of cake. You don’t have to be a pro to get the ideal shot.

Camera Tips for iPhone 8 Plus and X

How to shoot with Portrait Lighting:

The focus is all on you! When you’re taking a portrait, you can use adjust the lighting effects and use them to create dramatic pictures.


How to edit Portrait Lighting effects:

So, you’ve already taken the perfect portrait, what’s next? Well, you can use your iPhone to edit the portrait lighting effects after the snap has been taken. Stunning.

Camera Tips for iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus and X

How to compose with telephoto camera:

Simplifying your composition might sound tricky, but it’s just one button away. The telephoto camera lens can really make a difference to your images.


How to shoot with zoom:

Afraid to use that Zoom feature? You shouldn’t be. When you’re learning how use the camera on iPhone, here’s one of the tricks you need to know.


How to capture an intimate moment:

There are some moments that you never want to forget. Here’s a quick way to capture the most intimate moments so you never have to.


How to shoot a great portrait:

Find portrait shots a little intimidating? They don’t have to be. There are some awesome iPhone photography tips you can try here.


How to shoot a group portrait:

Having a family gathering? Make sure that you get every single aunt and uncle in the frame with this handy little tip. Say ‘cheese!’


How to shoot a horizon:

Capture that romantic moment in all its shining glory. Snapping a stunning horizon photo is just one little iPhone camera tip away.


How to shoot a backlit subject:

Back lighting can be seriously useful… when you know how to use it. Here’s how you can make the most of the picture using your iPhone.

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