iPhone X review: a radical new look for Apple

Meet the iPhone of the future!

We all hoped Apple would announce a truly special iPhone this year. And as you surely know by now, we weren’t left disappointed.

If you’re looking for an ultra-high-end smartphone from Apple, with more features than you can handle, you’re in luck. Come and meet iPhone X.

Design: Say Bye-Bye to Bezels

The bezeless trend has been catching on across the market, and now Apple is getting in on the action, too. The only feature that’s not screen on iPhone X is the small cut-out at the top of the device. The effect is seriously dramatic — iPhone X is more screen than phone.

Of course, the home button is well and truly gone. The screen spans right to the bottom of iPhone X, which means that there’s simply no room for any buttons. And so, the design looks completely fresh, radical even. This is one of the most minimal flagship devices on the market right now, which is what makes it so utterly appealing.

Flip iPhone X over and you’ll see the rear is fashioned from solid glass. It’s quite a change from the metal casing we’ve all gotten used to by now, and yet it really does work. Unlike previous glass models, there are no harsh edges, and instead the curved nature of the exterior works to create a smooth, easy-to-hold finish.

Display: Truly Remarkable

Since the screen is the main attraction, the display quality on iPhone X has a whole lot to live up to. Luckily, the brand new Super Retina HD resolution pulls it out of the bag in all manner of ways, offering detail in 2436 x 1125 pixels. That means the resolution is sharper and crisper than it has ever been before — something that is certain to impress Apple fans who love their media.

Needless to say, iPhone X comes with a whole host of exciting new features so the display specs really need to be up to scratch. Thankfully, initial reviews suggest that the high-quality display is more than users will need here. It seems that this phone really is leading the way.

Camera: Depth Sensing Splendour

It should go without saying that the camera has been upgraded in a rather serious way. Both sensors have been treated to optical image stabilisation, which means that users get a high-quality image in most modes that they may choose.

There’s also a telephoto lens, much like the one that we’ve seen on the iPhone 7 Plus. While these upgrades are cool, they are by no means the main selling point here…

In fact, it’s all about the depth sensor. The True Depth camera is something very special indeed; it’s the very thing that will allow the Face ID feature to work (but we’ll get to that later). What’s more, the front camera is rather impressive and can sense all manner of things, including its user’s face.

There’s also Portrait Lighting, an intelligent little feature in itself. The idea is that it figures out which part of the image is the subject (the person you’re snapping) and highlights it within the picture. In theory, this should create some stunning portraits in a mere instant.

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