Is Facebook killing your Android phone’s battery life?

It turns out, yes, yes it is.

There are certain apps that most of us simply could not imagine living without.

If you’re something of a social media lover, you probably would not dream of doing without your beloved Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook apps. Still, for Android users, it’s the latter of those three that could be a real danger.

Why? Well, you see, that Facebook app may be draining your phone’s battery. What with the array of brilliant functions, from location services to videos, the app uses a whole load of power. What’s more, it is often running in the background of your device without you even realising it. Yikes.

According to research by Tech World Zone (TWZ), the Facebook app uses a significant amount of your battery life when you use it on an Android phone. Plus, it seems that the powers of Facebook are actually aware of the problem!

Here’s what Facebook told TWZ about the matter: “We have heard reports of a few people encountering speed issues coming from our Android application. We are investigating this and will update you as often as possible. We are focused on keeping on enhancing these issues.”

What’s more, there have been bloggers and Reddit users (okay, not the most reliable sources) who have claimed that the performance and battery life of their devices improve when they delete the Facebook app. So, if the app really is draining your juice, what can you do?

Facebook App Alternatives for Your Android

Of course, if you believe that your phone battery is not as powerful as it might be without the app, it could be time to delete it. But wait… How will you cope without being able to access Facebook at the drop of a hat? How will you know whether you have friend requests, likes, or comments? If you simply must check yourself in on the app 20 times a day, there are a couple of options you may want to try for yourself.

1) Use Facebook in Chrome

Okay, we know it’s not as convenient as using the app, but it might just mean that your phone has battery for a little longer. You should already have the Chrome app on your mobile phone, and so all you need to do is type the address in the URL bar at the top. To save a little time, you could also bookmark the site so that you can access it quickly and easily whenever you open the web browsing app. Simple!


2) Download the Metal app

Of course, the Facebook app is not the only application that allows you to access the social media site. There are a few third-party apps, such as Metal, that wraps Facebook’s mobile site into a neat, little package so that you can use it as and when you want. While you may lose a little functionality when using these apps (sorry!), they could help you to save your juice when you’re on the go.


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