Is this how we could unlock our phones in the future?

This cyber security expert may have the answer…

Let’s face it, we’ve come a long way since the days of simple passcodes for unlocking our phones. These days, it’s all about high tech security systems, from retina scanners to facial recognition. Mind blowing stuff, right? But have you ever wondered what else the future holds?

The good people at Mashable have, which is why they enlisted the help of a cybersecurity expert to figure it out. In an informative new video, Ed Amoroso, TAG Cyber CEO, explains how he believes we could be unlocking our devices in the future.

Amoroso says that it’s likely that technology systems of the future will be ‘adaptive and contextual’ and use ‘your being’ or ‘your essence’ to work. What?! Check out the video here for some clarification:

Of course, the most advanced security system we have today is facial recognition technology, with the likes of Apple very much leading the way with Face ID on iPhone X. According to Amoroso, though, the jury’s still out on whether people will take to it or not.

He suggested that people like you and I will decide what we’re ‘comfortable’ with in time, and that may or may not be technology like Face ID. What’s more, he said that he personally finds retinal stuff a ‘little creepy,’ but knows many are fine with it.

What’s Next for Smart Security?

We’re all wondering what the next phase of this technology looks like, and how and in what crazy ways we can improve on it.

“There’s a lot of cool experiments right now where you hook electrodes up to somebody and you ask them a question and they go like this,” says Amoroso, closing his eyes tight before pointing to his head, “and they think something, and they can think an A or a B, or a yes or a no. And if you can do that, then you can probably tap into someone’s general psyche.”

The idea is you use your thoughts to unlock your phone, without actually saying or doing anything.

Now, you may be thinking that, while this theoretical tech sounds pretty darn awesome, it’s got to be a long way off. Surely, we’re talking decades into the future, right?

Well, perhaps not. Amoroso also says that he believes that this type of technology could be coming ‘pretty soon.’ Wow. Watch this space.

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