Keep the kids content with Mobile WiFi

Mobile WiFi kids - Keep the kids content with Mobile WiFi

No more “Are we there yet?” again.

With summer now finally in sight, you’re probably thinking about holidays and weekends away.

Parents, do you know what that means? Long car journeys with impatient, energetic kids, and less time doing the one thing you booked the holiday for in the first place… chillaxing.

But hang on. Before you cancel your getaway in a frenzy of rage and despair at this sudden realisation, take a moment to read on. We have a simple, but wondrous solution for you.

Introducing Mobile WiFi, the 4G-enabled modems that connect up to 10 people to the internet, wherever you are and whenever you want.

That means you could be motoring down the M5 towards the sandy shores of Cornwall, or already be sat, kicking back on the beach, meanwhile the kids are absorbed by YouTube videos on their tablets.

There’s even a dedicated Car WiFi modem from EE that plugs into your dashboard for continuous power supply. Designed like a gear stick, it blends right in.

Other options, like the Osprey Mini 2, are more practical for connecting your family to the internet when you’re out and about (though they do work just as well on car journeys). So if you want to keep the peace at a picnic, or at an awkwardly quiet eatery, just power your Mobile WiFi up.

Because Mobile WiFi devices operate off the back of their own data allowance, you won’t have to burn through your mobile phone data.

Our Mobile WiFi modems are available on a fantastic range of tariffs, with data allowances extending from a little to a lot.

Contract lengths are really flexible too, with one-month, 12-month and 24-month options to choose from. So if you only want to commit to the summer holidays, for example, opt for a rolling one-month contract.

See our full selection of Mobile WiFi deals here.

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