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LG G6: rumours and release date

Bigger, better, and louder!

Ready for a totally new smartphone experience? Well, the South Korean tech giant, LG, is all set to release a new flagship phone, confirmed as LG G6.

Right now, there are a load of rumours about the hotly awaited 2017 device, but what should you believe? Here’s all the latest gossip, from the LG G6 release date, to the features you can expect (or hope) to see.

LG G6 Release Date

While LG G6 has been rumoured for quite some time, we now have concrete details about the announcement. The LG press conference is all set for midday on the 26th February in Barcelona, at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017. During the conference, LG officials will stake to stage to unveil LG G6, as well some more details around its availability in the UK market. Hurrah!

LG G6 Design Rumours

If you’re hoping for something new from the tech giant this time around, you won’t be disappointed. Some of the hottest LG G6 leaks show a phone like no other LG handset.

There are two main rumours here. Either the phone will be made out of tempered glass or it will have some kind of metallic body. Both of the above would make for an ultra-stylish and contemporary handset. Plus, the latest (and, frankly, clearest) image of the phone appears to show a brushed metal back.

So, what about the size? Well, another LG G6 leak suggests that the size will be 148.8 x 72.3 x 8.3mm. Surprisingly, that’s just a little thicker than the G5. With many of the latest flagship phones getting thinner and thinner, it seems odd that LG would want to go in the opposite direction.

Plus, it’s worth noting that the teaser video featured the word ‘waterproof’ loud and clear, and of course the video below gives further confirmation, if you needed it. Whatever dimensions and materials LG choose, it will have to make sure that the outer body is as watertight as possible.

LG G6 Camera Rumours

While for some time the South Korean giant was keeping quiet about the LG G6 camera, the cat is very much out of the bag. In a recent blog post (which TechRadar kindly translated), the manufacturer gave fans an insight into what its planning. Apparently, its latest snapper is all set to sport not one, but two 13MP rear sensors.

LG G6 will also feature a rather impressive wide-angle camera with a whopping 125-degree view range. This field of view is closer to the human eye’s, which means that pictures will give a more life-like representation than ever before!

So, what does that mean for the average user? Well, LG claims that they will be increasing the resolution of the wide-angle camera. On previous models, we’ve seen a mere 8MP resolution for this type of camera. However, with the release of the LG G6, we’ll be treated to a huge 13MP resolution cam. That should certainly change the quality of pictures taken in the wide-angle setting. What’s more, the selfie camera will also have a 100 degrees of view, which will please the Instagram-loving community.

LG G6 Power Rumours

So, what power will the handset be packing then? According to the most shared LG G6 rumours, LG is building upwards from the G5. That former flagship had a generous 4GB of RAM, which means we can hope for even greater things from the G6, possibly in the region of a whopping 6GB of RAM. If LG wants to really compete, it would be a smart.

Like the top smartphones on the market right now, LG G6 will house a Snapdragon 821 chipset. That’ll give it a whole load of power, able to support the likes of Google Daydream View VR Games. (Still, it’s worth remembering that Snapdragon 835 is set to launch and it’s unlikely that LG G6 will have this latest version of the chipset.)

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