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A look back at the most iconic mobile phones in history

Many people are calling Samsung Galaxy S6 edge ‘iconic’, so it’s time for us to take a look at the most iconic phones in history, and see if this new beauty deserves a place amongst that elite pantheon (spoiler: yes, it does)…

Iconic Mobile Phones - SGS6 edge
It’s fair to say that a lot of people have fallen ever-so-slightly in love with Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (and with very good reason, as it’s gorgeous). It’s also fair to say that a lot of people are going so far as to call the phone ‘iconic’.

And that got us thinking: what are the most iconic mobile phones in history? And while we’re on the subject, does the Galaxy S6 edge live up to those luminaries?

Let’s find out…

Nokia 3310

iconic mobile phones - nokia-3310

We’ll start with what may well be the most iconic phone in the entire history of everything ever: Nokia 3310. It’s also one of the most popular phones in history; back around the start of the third millennium, basically everyone had either the 3310, or its predecessor, the 3210, and the end result of that was that Nokia changed the mobile world, forever.

The Finnish manufacturer made mobile phones cool (what with changeable XpressOn covers, and the mobile game everyone remembers, Snake), and the 3310 had such a massive effect on the world’s psyche, that memes are still being made about it today (largely because, as anyone on the internet knows, the 3310 is the phone that cannot die).

Motorola V3

Most iconic mobile phones - motorola-razr-v3

Next up is another phone that changed the world, the ultra-slim, metal-bodied Motorola V3. Yep, it’s the RAZR.

When you look at the modern mobile world, you’ll see that most manufacturers have an obsession with making their phones thinner, and it was the RAZR that really kick-started that trend. At the time, no-one had seen a phone like this before, and the public took it into their hearts (perhaps a bit too much, as it took Motorola years to try something else new, although when they did, we got the Moto G, so we’re not complaining).


Most iconic mobile phones - iPhone-1st-Generation

Let’s be honest, no list of iconic mobile phones would be complete without the iPhone, and we’re going to cast our minds back to 2007, here, and look at the original iPhone.

It’s not hyperbolic to say that the modern smartphone wouldn’t look like it does if not for the arrival of the iPhone, not because the iPhone was particularly innovative (as famously noted, it didn’t have 3G, and couldn’t send photo messages), but because it gave every other manufacturer and developer a kick up the backside.

The biggest change was, oddly, in the fledgling Android platform; before the advent of the iPhone, it behaved much like the OS in a Blackberry, but after Google saw the touch-based iOS platform in action, they began again, and Android began down the path it’s still following to this day.

Samsung Galaxy Note


Most Iconic Mobile Phones - Samsung Galaxy Note

One of the things that iOS caused to happen was for Android to fully embrace touch controls, and remove mankind from the tyranny of the stylus, so it’s perhaps odd that the next phone on this list is most notable for, er, bringing the stylus back…

Yes, it’s the original Galaxy Note, the first phablet in the known universe. This was the precursor of every modern phablet, and the fusion of phone and tablet was a revelation. A device that acts like a tablet, but that is as portable as a phone?

In hindsight, it’s no wonder that it was such a roaring success!

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Most iconic mobile phones - Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

And so, we reach the modern day, back to where we started, with the utterly gorgeous Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, and we’d suggest that it deserves its place in the pantheon of history’s most iconic phones.

We could go on at length about how powerful it is (that Exynos chip is lightning fast), or about how unbelievably sharp the Quad-HD screen is, but we’re not going to. Instead, we’re simply going to do two things: first, we’re going to point at it, gesticulating wildly at that sumptuous metal body, and say, “Just look at it!”

Once we’ve done that, we’re going to look at the little strip of screen that gives the Galaxy S6 edge its name. It’s such a tiny little touch, but it makes the phone look like no other (well, except Samsung Galaxy Note edge, but that’s a phablet, so this beauty is more pocketable).

And then, because it’s one of the most gorgeous phones ever made, we’ll go back to pointing and saying, “Just look at it!” It really is that nice!

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