Microsoft takes on John Lewis with its weird and wonderful Christmas ad

Microsoft has jumped on the Christmas ad hype of 2017. But who do you think nailed it this year?

It’s Christmas time, which means that snow is falling (no, really, it’s been falling hard!), the trees are up, and every brand out there is trying hard to take the number one festive advert spot. While we’ve already taken a look at this year’s offerings from the likes of John Lewis and Apple, there is still a whole lot more to enjoy.

This year, Apple has gone for a short romance tale, in which a couple find true love through the use of its AirPods. Complete with an emotive soundtrack (thanks, Sam Smith) and some cool dancing, it’s a real winner.

John Lewis, the retail giant famous for its Christmas ads, went for the heart-warming topic of children’s imagination once again, this time offering us a short story about a boy and the make-believe monster under his bed.

While both of the above are cute and endearing, there’s yet another advert in town. Microsoft has stuck with the monster theme and focussed on the Paint 3D feature for its commercial. The short video includes the appearance of “Gabe the Yeti”, a character that was actually made using Paint 3D. Check out the video here:

While, previously, users had been worried that Microsoft may get rid of the original Paint app (ahh, the memories!), this advert is proof that the opposite is true. Instead, it seems that the company is planning to expand and build on the whole Paint experience.

The new Paint 3D and its Remix 3D website is meant to be a community where users can upload and share the things they make using the app. That means that you can upload characters once you’ve made them and even download complete characters from the site too.

Not only that, the programme has a cool feature where you can use the Windows Mixed Reality feature, along with a VR headset to bring each of the characters to life. Pretty cool, right.

The feel of the advert suggests that Microsoft see the whole 3D Paint world as a pretty big idea. It’s likely that this is one that it will be pushing heavily in the coming year.

Of course, the advert also shows off the Windows 10 stylus and the touchscreen on the latest devices to boot. Tie all of the above in with some sweet characters and a little music and the Microsoft team may just be onto something here.

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