My EE App: manage your bill like a boss

The quickest way to manage your bill and answer any questions. Download links below.

Gone are the days when you have to call someone up or trawl through old emails, just to get an answer about your mobile phone bill.

The My EE App promises to make managing your phone contract easier and quicker than ever, whether you want to double check your billing date, or see how much data you’ve got to last you until the end of the month.

Available for iPhones, Android mobile phones and more, the My EE App is simple, smart and speedy. We find it’s by far the best way to keep in control of your device on the move, without having to get in touch with anyone.

View Your Plan

Check the details of your plan any time you like, including the your contract start and end date, your allowances and any other add-ons.

Manage Your Bills


Using the My EE App you can check your calls with itemised billing, see what date your bill is ready to view and pay what’s owed with a tap.

Stay on Top of Data


See precisely how much data you’ve got left until it restarts (and when it restarts), as well as any remaining minutes if you have a limited allowance.

Check Any Extra Charges


Double check what allowances and add-ons you already have, then get more like roaming packages for travelling and using your phone abroad.

Get the My EE App

To download the My EE App to your smartphone, you can either text APP to 150, or grab from your device’s app store.

For iPhone, visit the App Store | For Android, visit Google Play

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