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Nokia MixRadio – a personalised music streaming service

Nokia MixRadio

Tune out the world by tuning in to Nokia MixRadio, the free music streaming service that’s exclusive to Nokia Lumia smartphones.

Nokia MixRadioImage courtesy of nokia.com

Using Nokia MixRadio isn’t like using most other music platforms; for a start, it’s completely advert-free, and secondly, Nokia MixRadio genuinely feels as though it has been carefully crafted for each and every user.

It presents a completely unique and personalised music listening experience for the individual who uses it, by recognising and learning your taste in music, and recommending similar artists and songs based on your indicated preferences. In essence, the more you listen to Nokia MixRadio, the more it listens to you.

Play Me is where you’ll find the hottest mixes, collaborations and playlists, which have been created and compiled by Nokia’s team of industry experts, as well as global pop stars like Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

Tell Nokia MixRadio who your favourite artists are and it’ll start personalising your Play Me mix. A thumbs up and thumbs down button will allow you to express whether Nokia MixRadio is meeting your implacably high standards, each time it plays a song, so you’re able to keep tailoring the service every time you use it.

Nokia MixRadio Play Me

Image courtesy of nokia.com

What’s more, is Nokia MixRadio can be used offline when you’re trying ever so hard to be prudent with your data allowance, or, heaven forbid, you momentarily find yourself without an Internet connection. So, to avoid getting caught off guard, store up to four mixes on your Nokia Lumia 930 at once, so you can access hundreds of the latest songs wherever, and whenever.

It’s a tacit point really, but we all love to boast to our friends about how alternative our taste in music is, or how we’re always the first to discover that new song. Thankfully, Nokia MixRadio allows users to share their favourite mixes with friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Nokia MixRadio Share

Image courtesy of nokia.com

You’d be tremendously hard to please if this was the case, but if you find the service to be at all inadequate, for a small monthly fee you can upgrade to Nokia MixRadio+ for some premium benefits, which include high-quality audio over WiFi, as many offline mixes as you like and unlimited track-skipping.

Nokia MixRadio is available for all Lumia smartphones, running Windows Phone 8 or higher.

Watch our video review of the fantastic new Nokia Lumia 930 below.

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