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The 50 best and most essential free Android apps

3) Google Duo

Video chatting is nothing particularly new. (Oh hello, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Video…) Still, there are a couple of small things that make Google Duo an essential Android app. For one thing, the setup is very simple. You download the app, enter a code that’s sent to you via text, and start using the features. That’s it. There’s no hassle about making an account or logging in via Facebook.

The other feature that really does make this app stand out is the ‘Knock Knock’ calling system. As soon as someone starts to video call you, you get a live stream of them on your screen (yes, before you’ve answered!). That means that you can start the call immediately by tapping the accept button and chit-chatting away.

Download Google Duo for free

4) Periscope

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a live stream must be worth about a million, right? If you’ve not got Periscope yet, where on earth have you been?

The live streaming social network, by none other than Twitter, is one of the greatest ways to see what people are doing around the globe.

Once you download Periscope, you’ll need to sign in using your Twitter account information. After that, though, you will have a world of streams and ‘saved’ videos at your fingertips. Browse the channels – from music to comedy – and find something that brightens your day.

Download Periscope for free

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