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The 50 best and most essential free Android apps

47) YouTube

If exploring music videos, tutorials, and lifestyle vlogs is your bag, downloading the official YouTube app for Android devices makes sense. When you log into the app, you get personalised recommendations tailored to your taste. You can also subscribe to the channels you just can’t get enough of, so know the moment they publish a brand-new video. This is one of the many essential Android apps that has recently been treated to a new design so it’s definitely worth checking out.

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48) Yummly

While there’s something romantic about flipping through an old recipe book until you find something tasty for dinner, it’s not the most convenient way of doing things. Yummly is the modern way to make sure that you get delicious recipes whenever you need them. You can use the app to create your very own recipe book, packed with the food you love the most. When you start building your own library, the app will also recommend recipes that you may like based on your previously saved ones.

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