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The 50 best and most essential free Android apps

49) Relay for Reddit

There’s absolutely zero shame in geeking out on Reddit and finding a super niche subreddit that suits your interests. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of this site is the fact that you can find a subreddit for basically any topic/film/game/hobby. You name it, it probably already exists.

If you’re looking for a way to keep up with all the gossip without using your browser, the Relay for Reddit app is one of the best Android apps out there. The simplistic design of the interface means that reading the various threads is an actual pleasure. You can also filter out subreddits that you don’t like and avoid spoilers like a pro.

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50) Kindle

The Kindle app for Android devices gives you access to hundreds of books in your pocket every single day. (Spoiler: You don’t need to actually own a Kindle device to use this app!) When you’ve downloaded the app, you just need to sign in using a valid Amazon account. You can then start downloading ebooks right to the app that you can read on the go. With over a million free books from which to choose, you should find something that you adore.

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