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The 50 best and most essential free Android apps

5) WhatsApp

Whether you’re starting a group chat or just sending media to your friends, there’s no doubt that WhatsApp is the easiest way to do it.

While there are many different messaging apps on the market, this essential Android app is by far the most popular. What’s more, it offers fun little extras, such as the ability to assign a picture to a group and change the background of your chat screens.

As if that weren’t enough, the messaging app is 100% free to download and works with your number to access your contacts.

Download WhatsApp for free

6) Evernote

Forget carrying a scrapbook in your pocket, Evernote is the app that makes note-taking as simple as can be.

Download this free app on your Android device and your laptop right away. The two apps will work in sync, so when you note something down on your phone, it will automatically appear on your laptop too.

In fact, Evernote is an essential app that works across a whole wide range of gadgets, which means that you can sync up everything from your to-do list to the beginnings of your first novel. Easy peasy!

Download Evernote for free

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