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Top 10 phones with the best battery life 2018

Looking for a mobile phone with the longest battery life? Here are our 10 best picks.

In the modern world, your phone is really the only gadget you ever need. This one device allows you to browse the internet, plan your calendar, book tables, order food, measure your calorie intake and so much more. In short, it’s like having a PA in your pocket whenever you might need it. So, what happens when your smartphone runs out of steam?

Well, if you’re anything like us, you panic. The moment your phone dies, it feels as though an important part of you is missing. You can’t quickly look something up on the web, Instagram a photo of your meal, or chat with friends. It’s a total nightmare. With that in mind, which of the latest mobile phones happen to have the best batteries?

Look no further, we’ve investigated and found the top 10 phones that you can buy right now with the most beasty batteries when it comes to web browsing (WB). Let’s face it, that’s the one that counts! It’s good to remember though, the following phones have been tested in in an automated environment, and not everyday use.

10) iPhone SE – 12:55 WB hours

Number 10 is all about the small and mighty! iPhone SE is still a world beater, remaining a popular choice for iPhone lovers. Its 12:55 web browsing hours means there’s loads of time for scrolling that news feed. While the 1624 mAh may seem small in comparison to others, iPhone SE is still capable of keeping you going throughout the day.

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9) Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact – 13:04 WB hours

This compressed Sony phone has made it to number 6. The Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact comes with 13:04 web browsing hours. Pretty impressive, right? The Xperia XZ2 Compact boasts a 2870 mAh battery that will more than last you through the day. And thanks to Sony technology, you’ll get a more efficient battery performance from your device. The smartphone also sports impressive cameras and a Full HD display.

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8) Apple iPhone XR – 13:04h WB hours

iPhone XR is one of Apple’s most popular 2018 models, sporting a all-screen look and comes in as a more affordable alternative to some of its counterparts. With its impressive 13:04 web browsing hours, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy this beauty of a smartphone.

With its stunning Liquid Retina 6.1-inch HD display, everything will look beautifully clear and sharp. Thanks to Apple’s next-generation A12 Bionic chipset, your iPhone will be able to handle everything you throw at it, from hours of hardcore use, to mobile gaming. When you’re running low, you can top up 50% charge in around 30 minutes. We’ll take that!

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