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Rainbow is the game you control with your eyebrows

This new iPhone game might raise a few eyebrows…

With iPhone X already a huge hit, developers are rallying to make best use of Face ID – the feature that scans your face for security, authorisation and fun features like animoji.

Arguably, one of the greatest ways to take advantage of this unique system is to make quirky games that work with it. One guy who has done just that is none other than Washington University computer science graduate, Nathan Gitter.

The tech-savvy computer guy has just released a game called Rainbow, exclusively for iPhone X. The arcade-style mini game is utterly simple to play and has one major selling point – you use your eyebrows to play it. Yes, you read that 100% right. Here’s a quick clip of it in action:

The aim of the game is to collect stars by moving up and down a rainbow-coloured staircase. Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, there are also certain obstacles in the way, such as cars, basketballs, and even ducks.

There’s little more to it than that. Each star is worth one meagre point and the more you collect, the further you get in the game.

Of course, the thing that makes this particular game seriously interesting is the way that you play it. You don’t have to tap the screen. Instead, you look directly at the phone and use your eyebrows to move your character around the screen.

When you raise your brows, you’ll find that the character moves up. When you frown, it moves down. And, unsurprisingly, when you keep them still, it stays in the same place.

While this game may take some time to get your head (or, indeed, your eyebrows) around, it’s sure to be a whole load of fun. Yes, you may look weird playing this one the bus, but it will be worth it to get on board with the most cutting-edge tech.

So, while perfect strangers are sniggering at your silly facial expressions, just remind yourself that you’re ahead of the times. We’ll all be playing games like this one day. Probably.

Download Rainbow for free from the App Store.

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