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Samsung takes another dig at Apple in its latest advert

‘When your lagging phone does you wrong, you gotta move on.’

The latest Samsung Galaxy advert dropped last week and, in a surprising twist, it says very little about the phone it’s supposedly advertising. Instead, the video spends much of its time focusing on its competitor – iPhone.

It’s not the first time that Samsung has fired shots at Apple. Back in November last year, the brand released a video called ‘Growing Up’ that trolled their opposition hard. Picking out some of the issues that Apple has been known to have in the past, the clip made the argument that we should all grow up and… choose a Samsung phone instead.

In the latest advert, ‘Moving on,’ Samsung continue to rub salt into the already open wound. The video opens at an airport where a nervous passenger is seen waiting in line. When she tries to load her ticket on her iPhone, she has to wait a second for it to load. The frustrated look on the staff members face says it all. This is too slow.

For balance, I think it’s fair to note that once you download a ticket to your Apple Wallet, it shouldn’t have to ‘load.’ It works just like a photo album. But maybe the point that Samsung was making was that – on older iPhones – it may take a second or two for apps to open up at all. Either way, it’s a not-so-subtle dig.

Once on the plane, the passenger tries to listen to music, but can’t deal with the lag. She is then seen lusting after a Samsung that another passenger is watching a movie on. When she lands she has trouble getting a ride because, you guessed it, her phone is lagging again. You get the picture.

Oh, and there are some sneaky little Easter eggs in there too – pay close attention to people’s haircuts and you might just spot them!

The video ends with an Apple employer explaining that it might be time to upgrade her device. Spoiler: She does, but not to an iPhone. Zing. So, will Apple fire shots back? Well, it would be a first… but watch this space. Stranger things have happened.

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