Samsung Unpacked invite confirms new smartphone is coming

Here’s what we’ve heard about the Samsung Unpacked event, and the new smartphone that’s on its way.

We’ve waited a long time for this one and it’s almost here. The latest Samsung Unpacked event, where the mega brand will launch its latest phone, is set to take place on Wednesday 23th August. We can barely contain our excitement!

Invitations to Samsung Unpacked were recently sent out to the press and, according to TechRadar, they feature the rather enigmatic words ‘Do bigger things’. Of course, what that means is completely open to interpretation. It could be that the device itself is set to be larger or merely that you can do more with it. It’s something of a puzzle.

While the invitation does not reveal the name of Samsung’s new smartphone, TechRadar speculates that ‘all the important signs are here’ to suggest that it’s the much rumoured ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 8’.

Details on the invitation include what looks like a silhouette of a mobile phone, complete with a bezel-less look and an ultra-minimal design, as well as a stylus. Of course, Samsung traditionally pairs its Galaxy Note smartphones with a stylus…

Samsung Galaxy Note Rumours

So, what can we expect from Samsung’s new and upcoming mobile phone? Following the few cases of faulty Galaxy Note 7 devices, there might be a focus on safety and reliability, aside from the headline specs and features.

We can gather from the Samsung Unpacked event the new phone will be near bezel-less, like Samsung Galaxy S8, and therefore suggest that the screen will be even bigger than previous Notes.

TechRadar suggests that the phone itself will actually be smaller than the Note devices of years gone by, and that only the screen will be larger (thanks to the thinner bezels). They claim that the new Samsung Galaxy Note will sport a 6.4-inch screen, making it bigger than any before it.

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TechRadar also reported that there have been rumours surrounding the rumoured Samsung smartphone’s camera. According to one popular claim, we could see Samsung’s first dual-lens camera phone. That might allow for optical zoom, and other fancy photography features.

Samsung Unpacked 2017

Right now, all we can do is listen to the unconfirmed Samsung Galaxy ‘Note 8’ rumours, and wait to see what really comes of them. Luckily, we won’t have to wait all that long. The Samsung Unpacked event is scheduled for 23.08.2017, watch it live on our blog.

Source: www.techradar.com/news/samsung-galaxy-note-8-launch-date

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