Smartphones – how to improve battery life

Smartphones - how to improve battery life

Charging your smartphone constantly? Read our tips on how to increase your mobile phone’s battery life so you can enjoy it longer!

Smartphones - how to improve battery life

Over the last few decades the advancement in technology has been incredible. Because much of this change has happened incrementally, we don’t often take the time to think about exactly what we are able to do with technology.

Take a second and think about the phone or laptop you used twenty, ten or even five years ago. What devices or tools do you take for granted today that simply weren’t in your life a few years ago? It’s incredible, really, how far we’ve come. However, there is one area where the improvements made haven’t been that mind-blowing: battery life.

If you think about capability, power and memory, then the progress has been outstanding. Yet think about battery life and you experience the same problems today as you did with your old phone five years ago or even ten years ago. There doesn’t seem to have been much satisfactory progress made.

Ok, so sure, the modern battery may be powering something infinitely more capable than in years gone by but are we always happy to exchange power for battery life? We guarantee that you wouldn’t think so when your phone runs out at just the moment you’re expecting that all-important call.

Smartphones may be able to play top quality music and games but why do we still have to charge them every day to get the best from them? It’s the same for laptops. How often do you have to charge your laptop if you’re using it for anything other than surfing online?

So, what can be done to improve the battery life of our phones and laptops, given that no revolutionary battery pack seems to have been invented yet? Here are five tips to think about that might just help you to prolong the battery life of your phone or laptop.

Find out What’s Sapping Battery Power

Some apps will use more life than others. To find out where most of your juice is going, navigate the settings option to ‘about phone’ and click on ‘battery life’. This will show you which of your settings and apps are the real power hogs. If it is something you don’t or rarely use, then simply switch it off. If it is something you do find useful, bear in mind when and how you use it. You’d be amazed at what a difference this can make.

Set Brightness to Adjust Automatically

We know that you need to be able to see the screen, but brightness levels really do affect battery life. The ‘automatic adjustment’ setting is a little known one that could help you to prolong battery life by as much as one third. The OS will now automatically dim the screen when it’s darker and you need less light to see it.

Don’t use Facebook, Twitter and Email so much

Ok, so we know this is going to be hard for some of you but trust us, cut down just a little bit and you won’t have to charge your phone nearly as much. Just think how much power you use every time you check what some irrelevant celeb has just tweeted about The Voice. If you want more battery, you need less useless information coming through your screen. It’s tough news to take but it’s true.

Don’t use Adobe Flash

We don’t want to get all Apple on you here but being able to run Flash web pages is eating your battery like Augustus Gloop eats chocolate. This is why they’re discontinuing flash web pages for phones. You might be able to change your settings so that not every Flash page loads on every site. Or, you could just turn it off altogether.

Update your apps

The latest apps are often designed to use less power, so update as much as you can and you could save valuable battery life. Check for updates regularly and you won’t have to charge as often.

If battery life is a problem then check the reviews before you buy. You’re by far from the only one who suffers from a weak battery, so why not find out what other people are saying online about good models to go for?

Make a good choice now and you won’t regret it later on as your battery gets older and weaker.

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