Starbucks mobile ordering means you don’t queue for your coffee

Order ahead, and your Starbucks will be ready and waiting.

Imagine walking into your local coffee shop, tapping your phone, and having your favourite drink waiting for you.

Forget having to shout your order over the whir of the coffee machine. Forget the barista putting the wrong name on your cup. Forget having to even wait in line. That’s because Starbucks wants to make mobile ordering the norm.

Of course, Starbucks card holders can already order and pay via the dedicated app. However, the company CEO, Kevin Johnson, recently revealed that there will be a new ‘guest checkout’ trailing in early 2018.

That means that regardless of whether you’re a Starbucks aficionado or otherwise, you’ll be able to order your drink without actually having to speak to anyone. Yes, the gigantic coffee chain is getting all futuristic and there’s nothing you can do about it.

It might sound a little out there right now, but according to Johnson, this is but a natural progression and perhaps the only way for businesses to survive in the modern world.

“Digital companies and tech companies realise more than ever that there’s going to be one customer interface, and that interface is as important to a tech company to have a brick-and-mortar relationship as it is for a brick-and-mortar relationship company to have a digital relationship,” he recently explained during an investor call.

“And so, once again, I think you’re going to see lots of these kinds of things take place, as well as what I’ve been saying for the last few years, and that is, a level of consolidation and store closures, which we’ve all seen.”

This isn’t the first time that the Starbucks CEO has spoken out about the challenges that retailers face these days. Back in April, he was more than clear about how he sees the industry changing and, of course, how he plans to combat the issue.

Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson

“The common denominator will be the creation of a consumer experience that evokes human emotion and connection. I firmly believe that these are the ingredients that will determine which brick-and-mortar retailers thrive in the future, and which become victims of the current trend,” Johnson told investors.

“The retail industry is going through a period of similar profound disruption right before our eyes. Starbucks is playing the long game, and we are playing to win globally.”

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