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The best apps to achieve your New Year’s resolutions 2019

Make this year the best yet with these handy apps!

It’s officially day 3 of 2019… How are those resolutions going so far?

If you’ve made a list of goals for the year, it’s time to get started. Your life won’t level up all by itself. You’re going to have to put some groundwork in.

Here are some apps to help you out.

1) Learn How to Be Mindful

Mindfulness is more than a fleeting fad – it’s a great way to relax and unwind.

As we all have super busy lives and schedules, finding just the briefest of moments in which to relax can be a difficult feat. The Stop, Breathe, and Think App helps you do all of the above.

You start by letting the app know how you’re feeling, i.e. whether you’re stressed, tired, angry etc. The app then suggests a whole range of free mindful tracks that you can listen to.

As a bonus, you can also choose whether you want a male or female voice. Whatever floats your boat! (Note: There is a premium version of the app, which unlocks more tracks.)

You can Download Stop, Breathe, and Think for free on iOS | Android.

2) Reduce Your Stress Levels

Feeling stressed out? If you want 2019 to be the year that you finally take control of your stress levels, there’s one free iOS and Android app that you need to download.

Combining cognitive behavioural therapy techniques and a healthy dose of mindfulness, the Pacifica App should be your go-to guide to getting on top of the problem.

Each day, you will learn new skills and tools to help you manage your mental health. Genius.

Download Pacifica for free on iOS | Android.

3) Drink More Water

Good hydration is the key to feeling more energised and healthy. One of your 2019 resolutions could be as simple as drinking more water.

Daily Water is a free iOS app that reminds you when to top up your cup and guzzle the stuff down.

On the other hand, if you happen to be an Android user, Water Time could be the app for you. The two free apps are strikingly similar and both could help you remember to drink up!

Daily Water app.

Download Daily Water for free on iOS and Water Time for free on Android.

4) Drink Less Alcohol (for Real, This Time!)

You don’t need a doctor to tell you that drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health. It’s true. We all know it. However, for some of us, cutting back can be a real struggle.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to drink less, you can’t go wrong with the Drinkaware App.

The handy little app tracks how much you drink, how much it costs you, how many calories you’re consuming and more.

It uses that information to give you graphs and stats so that you have a visual representation of your alcohol intake. The idea is that you can see how much you’re drinking and look for small ways to start cutting back.

Download Drinkaware for free on iOS | Android.

5) Leave That Job You Hate

Do you wake up with a knot in your stomach? If the thought of heading to the office makes you feel down in the dumps, it could be time for a change.

One of the most life-changing New Year’s resolutions you can make is to get a brand new job. Downloading the Indeed App on your phone could be a smart first step.

At just the touch of a button, you can check out the latest postings online and see what positions are available near you.

Download Indeed for free on iOS | Android.

6) Finally Find the ‘One’

Could 2019 be the year of love for you? If you’re looking for the ‘one,’ it may be time to take the plunge and download a dating app.

While there are loads of hookup apps out there, one of the best happens to be Bumble.

Like other apps of this nature, you set up a profile on the site and then can flick through singletons in your area. However, if you match with someone, the twist here is that only women can initiate a conversation.

Download Bumble for free on iOS | Android.

7) Eat Less Junk (and Cook More)

It’s late and you’ve just got home from work. You’re tired, stressed, but most importantly, hungry. What do you do? For most of us, the answer is simple – order a cheeky takeaway.

However, if you’ve resolved to change your ways and eat less junk food, you’re going to need to rethink that plan. Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore, so long as you have some helpful tools (i.e. Android and iOS apps) to help you along the way.

One of the best recipe apps for your smartphone is BBC Cook Food. It’s jam-packed with more than 10,000 healthful recipes that you can try for yourself. Plus, there’s a handy search bar on the main page of the app, which allows you to look for a specific type of recipe in mere seconds.

When you find a recipe that you love, you can even save it on the app so that you can come back to it time and time again. Get cooking!

Download BBC Good Food for free on iOS | Android.

8) Boost Your Daily Step-Count

Are you getting your 10,000 steps a day in? If the answer is a resounding no, you may need some help.

If one of your 2019 resolutions is to boost your steps, Zombies, Run! could be the free app for you.

This awesome little app helps you to gamify your runs or walks with an immersive soundtrack. Put your headphones on and start your adventure story.

Before you know it, you’ll be running and walking your way to safety quicker than you can say “OMG, it’s a zombie apocalypse!” Give it a go.

Download Zombies, Run! for free on iOS | Android.

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