The internet is in meltdown because of Google’s burger emoji

Who would have thought a tweet about Google’s burger emoji would go viral? Never come between someone and their burger.

We all have our go-to and fave emoji that we spam the group chat with. It recently came to light that Google, the emoji masters, have made a little faux-pas that the internet has, of course, jumped all-over.

If a perfectly crafted burger (or cheeseburger, in this case) pulls on your heartstrings and tickles your taste buds, you know as well as us that the internet won’t stand for a poorly arranged one. And thus, the Twitter-sphere turned into a barrage of burger rages. But how has no-one spotted this rare burger crime before?

The original tweet, posted by Thomas Baekdal, addresses the placement of the ingredients in Google’s burger emoji. It soon went viral; with pure outrage and cheese related puns spread far and wide, like your eyes at an all you can eat buffet.

The tweet quickly caught the attention of Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, who responded in the best way possible, claiming all Google’s resources will get the burger emoji fixed. Phew, this could have got out of hand, fast!

Pichai ended the tweet by saying “…if folks can agree on the correct way to do this!” I mean, come on Sundar, don’t make this harder than it already is. Chaos ensued, with hundreds of tweets about the perfect burger combo.

But what is the best combination? Mr Pichai has surely opened a can of worms here. No one wants a soggy bun (much like all the soggy puns floating about).

In our opinion, the cheese should always go on top of the burger to enable some extra melting to take place. Tasty. That’s if the cheese should be there at all? Is it both a burger and cheeseburger emoji? But lets avoid getting into that.

Other Tweeters soon hopped on the bandwagon and started to pick fault with other emoji. The pint of beer, for one, as well as the cheese emoji (of all things), came under fire. Whatever next!? Surely life is too short… Nonetheless, neither will be deemed as important as the original burger pandemic.

In reality though, this is all probably just a bit of PR for Google. We can’t see the burger emoji topping the search giant’s to-do list. So, sorry cheeseburger fans, if this kind of thing grates on you, it may not be changing any time soon. If anything, there’s one thing we’ve learnt here; go home Google, you’re drunk!

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