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The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini – it’s a big deal

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Samsung’s impressive range of smartphones looks set to expand yet again, after the Korean manufacturer officially confirmed its plans to launch a ‘mini’ iteration of its flagship Samsung Galaxy S5, aptly naming it the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was released in April this year, and has managed to establish itself as one of the dominant smartphones in the market, being held in the highest regard by many. But for some, whilst it’s considered an impressive, highly illustrious device, its 5.1-inch screen is just a little too large for their liking.

Cue, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini…

Ines Van Gennip, Marketing Director at Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland, said, “If you’re someone who wants a stylish, smaller smartphone without having to compromise on the latest features and technology, then look no further than the Galaxy S5 Mini.”

Well, Ms Gennip, we concur. Let’s take a look at the Galaxy S5 Mini, and what exactly it’s going to deliver upon its launch, which is thought to be later this month.


With a beautiful 4.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is fractionally larger than the 4.3-inch screen on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, yet it still remains compact enough to differentiate itself from the full-sized 5.1-inch Galaxy S5.

The quality of the display has seen a significant improvement as the Galaxy S5 Mini now boasts a 720 x 1280 resolution, compared to 540 x 960 on the Galaxy S4 Mini.

This upgrade results in a richer, more detailed picture, allowing users to watch HD videos and look at high-resolution photos, without the danger of losing quality through pixilation.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini


In essence, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini mirrors the same, gorgeous design as its larger counterpart, with the exception of its measurements of course.

At 131.1 x 64.8 x 9.1mm, it is smaller than the HTC One Mini 2, and weighing just 120g, it’s lighter than both the One Mini 2 (137g) and Sony Xperia Z1 Compact (137g).

So, with the design differences dealt with, let’s look at the similarities between the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini and the larger Galaxy S5. Firstly, they both sport the same perforated pattern on the rear of the device, which creates a chic look and a soft touch grip.

The mini iteration features a familiar fingerprint scanner that has been innovatively integrated into the home key. Users can use the scanner to log into their Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini without a four-digit code, as well as an authorisation for payments and other services.

Just like its big brother, the Galaxy S5 Mini also boasts a heart rate monitor on the rear of the device, just beneath the camera lens. This works in conjunction with Samsung’s popular fitness feature: S Health.

Using S Health, this smartphone will monitor your fitness levels during your workouts and throughout the day, as well as looking at your general health.

With the added risks of taking your Galaxy S5 Mini with you when you’re working out, it’s a good job Samsung has built it with various safeguards. Much like the Galaxy S5, this mini version is also IP67 certified, making it both dust and water-resistant.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini


Samsung has dropped the Snapdragon 801 chipset it uses in its Galaxy S5, and has decided to opt for a powerful, own-branded Quad-Core 1.4GHz processor, in tandem with a substantial 1.5GB RAM.

With these formidable specs, you’re guaranteed a first-rate user experience, with seamless graphics and an impressive ability to juggle oodles of apps simultaneously.

This proficient chipset makes the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini marginally more powerful than the One Mini 2 (with a 1.2GHz quad-core processor and 1GB RAM), but, on the other hand, a little slower than the Xperia Z1 Compact (with a 2.2GHz quad-core processor and 2GB RAM)

Thanks to a long-lasting 2100mAh battery, which is a noticeable boost over the 1900mAh battery in the Galaxy S4 Mini, you won’t have to be over-conservative with this smartphone.

Inevitably, you are going to find yourself in a situation where your battery is looking a little disconcertingly low, but you desperately need your Galaxy S5 Mini in action for whatever reason. That’s where Ultra Power Saving mode comes into play.

This switches your device into black and white mode, and also turns off background data and functions that are draining your battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini


Samsung has fitted the Galaxy S5 Mini with an 8MP camera with autofocus and an LED flash. Whilst the megapixel count is lower than the 16MP shooter on the Galaxy S5, it’s still more than capable of capturing some fantastic pictures, and it offers access to some cool features like Virtual Tour Shot and S Studio.

In addition, it features a 2.1MP front-facing, Full HD camera, which is of course ideal for video calls and shameless selfies.


Straight from the box, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini will run on Android KitKat 4.4 and thereby have access to all of Android’s greats apps, perks and features.

Samsung’s own TouchWiz UI will compliment the operating system, offering some of the Korean tech firm’s unique additions, like Private Mode, which will conceal private data, such as music, videos, photos and more.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini has been built with a 16GB hard drive, which is a decent amount of storage, but it may not be sufficient enough for everyone. Fortunately a microSD card reader will allow users to increase storage size up to an additional 64GB.

In terms of its connectivity, the Galaxy S5 Mini offers 4G data speeds, NFC (Near Field Communication), WiFi, an IR blaster and Bluetooth 4.0.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is now available to pre-order.

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