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The top five loudest smartphones

Pump, pump, pump it up. These are loudest mobile phones money can buy.

For the deep-sleepers who need extra volume that rouses. And the party-starters who want to raise the roof. We’ve put together a compilation of the top five loudest smartphones that silence the competition.

Once upon a time, HTC was known for having the best and loudest smartphone speakers. While an HTC did not make the list this time, you’ll see that newer brands are now making more noise. Which brands exactly? You might be surprised.

But before we delve into the results, it’s important to establish something. Smartphone loudness is rated in decibels (dB), and each increase of 10 dB doubles the loudness.

So 20 dB is twice as loud as 10 dB, 30 dB is four times as loud as 10 dB, and 80 dB is 128 times lounder than 10 dB. In other words, there’s a bigger difference than you might think between 50 dB and, say, 60 dB.

Put into real-world context, a lawn mower produces between 85-90 dB, a car horn around 110 dB, and a sperm whale 236 dB. Human ear drums burst at 160 dB, so maybe strike swimming with whales from your bucket list…

Without further ado, here’s Buymobiles’ top five loudest smartphones.

5) Samsung Galaxy A8 – 81.6 dB

Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) has an impressive spec along with its pretty powerful speaker. At 81.6 dB, its nothing to be sniffed at, beating its other Samsung Galaxy brothers and sisters to this top five loudest smartphones list. A single speaker positioned on the side of the handset releases Ultra High Quality Audio Playback for all to hear. Did we mention, a headphone jack comes as standard too. Enjoy its impressive sound along with a striking screen, cameras and design to boot.

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