This app turns your Android into an iPhone X

Tempted to turn over to the dark side?

At the start of the month, Apple announced the upcoming release of a real game-changer: iPhone X. The latest and greatest flagship smartphone is due to launch in November and, frankly, we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

If you’re not patient enough to wait until November, and you currently have an Android mobile phone, there is one thing you can do…

An app just hit the Play Store called Smartphone Upgrader 2017, and it’s designed to give Android users a small slice of the iPhone pie.

Essentially, when you download and install this app, it gives you the power to alter your display layout, adding a small, back cut-out (or ‘notch’, as the app calls it) to the top, making it look a bit like iPhone X. What’s more, Smartphone Upgrader 2017 also plays you a little song with flashing lights to accompany it.

What more could any Android user ever want…

It appears that Smartphone Upgrader 2017 has seriously changed people’s lives, giving them everything they could have possibly dreamt of. Or, at least, that’s what the totally not fake reviews say. Check out some of the genuine reviews below.

Ben Flippy – “Best app available, no need for rooting or Cydia or any advanced tools, just one click and it’s exactly like owning an iPhone X! And the best part, if I’m feeling productive and actually want to get something done, I can switch back to Android!”

Kail Pattni – “Life changing app. Now all I need to do is stick an Apple Logo sticker on the back of my phone, walk into an Apple store and high five the staff, then walk about telling the world that I have an iPhone X.”

Michael Hannigan – “This is by far the best way to make your Android device an iPhone X even before it’s released by Apple. This is absolutely going to crush sales of the iPhone X, since people no longer have to buy them because of this app. Same goes for the Essential Phone. This gives you two phones in one – three if you count your original phone. Also, I love the quality of the camera now.”

Of course, not all users were as undeniably happy (or ironic) as the above. Some went as far as to say that this app was the ‘worst’ they’d ever seen, and a ‘waste of time’ downloading. Ouch.

So, will you be downloading Smartphone Upgrader 2017 for your Android phone? (Be aware, there is a small disclaimer that says the app ‘may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy’…)

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