This gadget will transform your bike into a smartbike

The smartbike to match your smartphone.

These days, pretty much everything is ‘smart’. From smart TVs to smart speakers, it seems like our gadgets have been swotting up. Everything now basically has a mind of its own… or, at the very least, internet capabilities and a handy app.

So, it should come as no great surprise to find that there’s a company out there developing a product that can turn your regular bike into an all-singing, all-dancing smartbike. And guess what? It connects to your smartphone.

Yes, Wink Velco of Paris recently launched a crowdfunding scheme to finance its unique product, the Wink Bar. But what does it do?

Once you fit the Wink Bar to the front of your bike, it’ll completely transform it into the interactive vehicle of your dreams. Aside from having a built-in GPS system and a smart alarm, the gadget also comes with some snazzy night lights, and even an app to boot. Here’s how the founders describe the Wink Bar on the Indiegogo funding page:

Wink Bar is a connected handlebar designed for every urban cyclist. Suitable for every model, it turns your bike into a smart bike.

Benefit from the intuitive navigation system, which will suggest the most convenient route to easily reach your destination.

Geolocate your bike in real time thanks to its incredible tracking technology. You can now park your bike safe in the knowledge that even in case of theft, you can retrieve it anywhere in the world.

Ride safely during the day and night, thanks to its smart lighting system. Consult your statistics, add new routes and benefit from the awesome services of the Wink mobile app.

There are two styles of Wink Bar available; either the Flat (mountain style) bar or the Urban (city style) one. Both offer three weeks of battery life, Bluetooth, GPS, and internet connectivity. Plus, you can nab either an iOS or Android app to accompany the bar itself and give you all the health and fitness stats you could possibly need.

Wink Velco recently reached (and surpassed) its funding goal of $25,000, which means that the product will go into production. On the Indiegogo page, the team say that they plan to start shipping the gadgets by September 2017.

Of course, those who jumped on the crowdfunding bandwagon will be the first to get their hands on these neat little things. However, the Wink Bar should be widely available soon. Oh, and it can be shipped worldwide too. Score!

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