This is how much it costs you to charge your phone for a year

This has got to be some sort of joke?

Since we switched from the tireless bricks of the early 00s, to today’s power-thirsty smartphones, you’ve no doubt clocked up a fair few hours plugged into the mains.

If your charging habits are anything like mine, hours aren’t an appropriate unit of measurement at all. We’re talking about all night, every night, since around 2007.

That sort of thoughtless charging ritual, you’re probably just as guilty of, can’t be good news for your electricity bill. How could it?

So, How Much Are We Talking?

After applying some simple maths to an iPhone Xs, as an example (other iPhone models will be similar), it turns out that the cost of charging your device, for an entire year, comes to a grand total of… wait for it… 55p.


It’s a similar story if you have an Android, like the Samsung Galaxy S9 with its standard Samsung adaptive fast charger and USB-C cable for instance.

Just a Tad Surprising, Right?

Don’t believe us? Here’s how we worked it out. Start with the cost of a kilowatt hour (kWh), which is an average of about 10p in the UK.

Then look at an iPhone Xs, we know it comes with a 5W (0.005 kilowatts) charger that will juice the 2658 mAh battery up from empty to full, in roughly 3.05 hours.

So, multiply the 3.05 power time with the 5W charger, giving you a total of 15.25W. That’s the total amount of electricity your iPhone barely sips from the grid every time you replenish from 0% to 100%. Given that a kilowatt costs 10p, 15.25W will set you back a cool 0.153p. Not even close to a full penny.

Likewise, a Samsung Galaxy S9 non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery, will charge in around 2.30 hours from 0% to full. Take the 2.30 charge time multiplied with the 11.55W (0.01155 kilowatts) fast charger output, you’ll take 26.56W of juice from the grid. Absorbing this mere 0.265p from your bank balance.

Finally, if you do charge your iPhone Xs every night, extrapolate that 0.153p over 365 days, giving you a yearly bill of around 55.85p.

But wait for this. Charging your Android Samsung Galaxy S9 over a whole year, your bill will come in at a massive 93.44p. Nearly a whole pound. The outrage….Today, a Freddo will cost you more. But that’s a whole other issue!


      • James,
        This seemed obvious to me, so I think you apology unnecessary, even though well intentioned. By the way I have had both apple and android offerings (currently a Samsung S7).

        • Me too, Mark. I was a huge HTC fanboy back in the day, buying the Hero, Legend, Sensation and Desire. Gave Apple a go when the iPhone 4S launched, fell in love with the operating system and have struggled to go back to Android ever since. Totally different experiences.

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