This Louis Vuitton iPhone 7 case costs 7x more than your iPhone

When your phone case is more valuable than your phone, you’ve probably got too much money.

Once you’ve got your shiny new iPhone, there’s just one thing you need to wrap around it – a case!

While we’ve all got different budgets, paying around £10-£20 for a standard iPhone 7 case seems reasonable. You may well opt for a cute Disney design, or maybe a glossy metallic one. Or perhaps something with a classy leather look.

Personally, I tend to change my phone case every few months. I get tired of looking at the same old rainbow pattern (yes, I really had that!) and fancy something new every now and then. That’s why the affordability of the everyday cases on the market is a real selling point for me. I can switch things up without paying a fortune for the pleasure.

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If you’ve got thousands to spare, though, how about something a little more chic? Louis Vuitton (US) released a line of iPhone cases, and they’re a little more high-end than your standard plastic number. Dubbed the ‘Eye-Trunk’, this range of cases has something a little special about it. Each is inspired by the now-infamous original LV suitcases…

Coming in at the top of the price list is the golden crocodile leather number, complete with metal corners and a snazzy latch on the back of it. Of course, the idea here is that the phone looks like one of the brand’s very own suitcases or, indeed, handbags. It’s fair to say that the case is a thing or real luxury and beauty, and the price certainly reflects that at $5,500 (around £4,440).

There’s also a plainer, and more understated, Louis Vuitton design that is certain to catch your eye. With a subtle, brown canvas back and hard frame, this design is less garish than the first. What’s more, it has the LV logo all over it so there’s just no mistaking the brand of the case. For an iPhone 7 version of this case, you’ll have to part with £790.

Mysteriously, the crocodile leather case seems to have disappeared from Louis Vuitton’s site in between us hearing about it, and writing this article. The good news, however, is other ludicrously priced cases are still available, ranging from a modest £185 to £790.

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