This smart bag charges your phone and refreshes your clothes

Smart technology in your bag, hang on, what now? That’s right, this self-cleaning, phone charging bag is the solution to all your sweaty, battery-draining gym problems.

PaqSule, (pronounced pack-sul), is a self-freshening bag that can be activated from your smartphone.

The US based company has developed this smart bag to solve several of our everyday problems, namely phone charging on the go and a smelly gym bag. Yes, finally.

Fresh. How Does it Work?

Stamp out the stink. The self-cleaning bag houses technology that leaves your gym clothing and technology invigorated and ready to go.

The chemical-free wash developed by PaqTech, and aptly named Fresh Cycle, is a revolutionary system to deodorize, sanitise and kill bacteria, all inside a bag!

You can put your PaqSule on a 25-minute cycle, or longer, where it will refresh your clothing using oxygen and UV-C light, killing germs and leaving it odour free. So, waft goodbye to the smell when next opening your gym bag. Ahh, bliss.

The smart bag also comes with an internal and removable zip-off (which could be used as a wash bag for instance), an ideal shower caddy for gym users. There’s also a compartment to conveniently place in your footwear, and several other compartments perfect to house your tech and other gym gear.

The bag is travel safe too, as well as being the ideal size; it’s perfect for public transport and aeroplanes. You can recharge the built-in power battery too, so your always ready to take on the day with plenty of power in the bank. Giving you guaranteed phone use for longer, by literally having a phone charger in your hands.

Your bag can always be fresh and free of bacteria, making it perfect for swapping and changing your clothing. There’s nothing worse than putting your nice work attire into a sweat infested gym bag.

Sync With Your Smartphone

Sync and pair to your phone and control the cleaning cycle you want. You can also charge your smartphone while on the go, wherever you are. Meaning, you can always let everyone know you’re at the gym, or take a cheeky gym selfie.

The charger is connected via a standard USB, so you’ll be able to charge your other tech too. Now you can roam and always have plenty of charge on your tech.

Bag Yourself a… Well, a Bag

The product is in pre-order and prototype stage at the moment, and still has an INDIEGOGO page live, which appears to be in popular demand.

You can get involved on their page and reserve yourself one for a tidy $249 (around £213.26) plus shipping, for the main model. It’s more than just a gym bag though, and we want one!

There’s also going to be a Lite version of the PaqSule. Available for a fragrant $149 plus shipping (around £137.09), it could be yours.

So, what are you waiting for, bag yourself a great smartphone deal at BuyMobiles.net to go with your new smart bag, and strut around as fresh as ever.

Head over to the PaqSule site for more info.

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