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Three’s LG G4 review is both hilarious and utterly terrifying

Three’s LG G4 review

Just when you thought it was safe to watch mobile phone reviews, Three goes and does this…

Three has produced what might be the only mobile phone review to feature a content warning, in its hysterical spoof of The Blair Witch Project and The Exorcist.

Reviewing the LG G4, the footage (watch below) is conspicuously light on handset details, though rather laden with high production value and film references. The result is both hilarious and, at times, very unsettling.

Shot in first person by Three’s mascot Jackson, and some guy called Steve, the two venture off into the woods for a horror-film-inspired camping trip, where they plan to test-drive the LG G4.

<img src=https://a1comms-blog-buymobiles.storage.googleapis.com/2015/08/Threes-Jackson-test-driving-LG-G4.jpg alt=”Three's Jackson test-driving LG G4”/>

Jackson draws light to the device’s iconic rear keys and its excellent GPS, before suddenly disappearing to then scare the sh*t out of Steve with a spooky doll.

After a series of other distressing moments, a few more references to the LG G4’s features and a particularly high-pitched shriek, our doomed pair go on the search for their car, but end up walking into the view of a ramshackle house. In the middle of nowhere.

Desperate to recharge the LG G4, they enter the seemingly deserted abode, where Jackson recreates one of the most iconic scenes from The Blair Witch Project, with a twist. It’s very good.

<img src=https://a1comms-blog-buymobiles.storage.googleapis.com/2015/08/Threes-Jackson-recreating-The-Blair-Witch-Project.jpg alt=”Three's Jackson recreating The Blair Witch Project”/>

The tone, however, quickly spirals into a more intense and genuinely frightening one, after the sound of children laughing can be heard upstairs. Jackson, the little rascal, embraces his playful, muppet nature and darts off upstairs with child-like curiosity. Despite Steve’s protests.

After locating the source of the chilling giggles, Jackson slowly opens a door to reveal a derelict bedroom, presumably once a child’s, where a rocking horse can be seen bobbing back and forth.

Just as the hairs on the back of your neck start to rise, an eerie-looking girl can be seen crouching at the foot of an old bed… In typical, horror film fashion, her matted hair has fallen limp in front of her face, adding to the rapidly increasing sense of terror.

Jackson innocently calls out to her, prompting one of the most terrifying head turns I’ve ever witnessed (it’s honestly the stuff of nightmares), followed by an Exorcist-reminiscent voice that exclaims, “I want to play.”

By “play”, what she really means is “savagely maul and kill”.

Jackson somehow manages to escape her lethal clutches; but sadly, the same cannot be said for our man Steve, who probably never got to play with the LG G4 again.

Going by the very last scene, it’s possible Jackson didn’t either…

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