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Tinder not working? Try these 5 dating app alternatives

It beats chilling at home alone with Netflix.

The official day of love is almost upon us. Should you find yourself inexplicably single this year around, it’s time to do something about it.

Rather than getting all dressed up to hit a local bar, you can find romance from the comfort of your own bedroom. Let’s take a look at five alternative dating apps that you should try for yourself.

1) Hinge

Best for: Skeptical online daters 

The best way to meet someone special is through friends, right? If you’re screaming yes, then Hinge is most-certainly the app for you.

Rather than matching you with a bunch of ‘randos’, the app connects to your Facebook profile and finds friends of friends that may be the one. Thankfully, when you see a potential love interest, it lets you know which mutual friends you have. That’s a real bonus, especially if you want to avoid dating a colleague’s friend or, worse, your ex’s pal.

Not sure what you’ve got in common? Hinge has you covered. The app also sends you fun little prompts to let you know what the two of you share. For example, it may let you know that you’re both huge footy fans.

Download Hinge for free on iOS | Android

2) Bumble

Best for: All the single ladies

It’s the 21st Century and there’s no reason that ladies can’t make the first move when it comes to dating.

Bumble is a so-called ‘female-first’ dating app where women have to initiate communication before the guys can. It works in a pretty similar way to most apps of its kind. You swipe left or right, depending on who you fancy.

Then, when you’ve got a match, if you’re a woman, it’s up to you to reach out and say hi. You have to do this before the guy can speak to you, which means that the ball is in your court from the offset. If you happen to be a man, though, the waiting game begins…

Download Bumble for free on iOS | Android

3) Happn

Best for: Believers in fate

We’ve all been there. You’re in a queue to buy some coffee, staring at the menu trying to decide between a mocha and a flat white, and then you see them – a total hottie. In a flash, they’re gone and you’ve barely had time to gather your thoughts. What if you never see them again?

That’s where Happn comes into play. The dating app matches you with people who you’ve crossed paths with and tells you where and when it happened. That means that the next time you pass the one in the street, you can actually do something about it. Messaging people is completely easy and what happens next is entirely up to you.

Download Happn for free on iOS | Android

4) Grindr

Best for: LGBTQ+ daters

Catering specifically to the gay, bi, and trans community, Grindr is the go-to dating app for LGBTQ+ people looking for love.

Packing a massive 2.4 million users per day, your chances of finding Mr. Right are pretty darn high. Much like other dating apps on the list, this one works on a ‘geo-targeting’ basis, letting you know exactly how far away possible matches are.

Perhaps one of the handiest features is the ‘Looking For’ setting. You can search for matches that are interested in the same type of meeting as you, whether that’s ‘Right Now’ or ‘Networking.’ There’s also a premium membership option available, if you want to take things to the next level.

Download Grindr for free iOS | Android

5) Do I Date

Best for: Avid reviewers

Imagine if you could read reviews about a person before you date them. It might sound like the wild Black Mirror plot, but the Do I Date app allows you to do just that. Okay, wow.

The app allows daters to rate and review each other anonymously after they’ve met up – much like you would your Uber driver. That means that everyone on the platform has a specific star rating that lets others know how they fared with others.

Plus, you can also review your mates on the app, which will help them boost their rating and maybe even find the one. The idea is that you meet someone who already has good reviews so that you can be sure your date will be fun and, crucially, safe.

Download Do I Date for free on iOS

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