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Tinder not working? Try these 5 dating app alternatives

It beats chilling at home alone with Netflix.

It’s not long until Valentine’s Day rears its ugly head once again. If you’d rather not spend another 14th February home alone, it’s time to do something about it.

In the modern world, the quickest and, dare we say it, easiest way to get a date is probably through one of the many dating apps. So, with that in mind, here are just five to try for yourself.

1) Bumble

Best for: All the single ladies

It’s the 21st Century and there’s no reason that ladies can’t make the first move when it comes to dating.

Bumble is a so-called ‘female-first’ dating app where women have to initiate communication before the guys can. It works in a pretty similar way to most apps of its kind. You swipe left or right, depending on who you fancy.

Then, when you’ve got a match, if you’re a woman, it’s up to you to reach out and say hi. You have to do this before the guy can speak to you, which means that the ball is in your court from the offset. If you happen to be a man, though, the waiting game begins…

Download Bumble for free on iOS | Android

2) Happn

Best for: Believers in fate

We’ve all been there. You’re in a queue to buy some coffee, staring at the menu trying to decide between a mocha and a flat white, and then you see them – a total hottie. In a flash, they’re gone and you’ve barely had time to gather your thoughts. What if you never see them again?

That’s where Happn comes into play. The dating app matches you with people who you’ve crossed paths with and tells you where and when it happened. That means that the next time you pass the one in the street, you can actually do something about it. Messaging people is completely easy and what happens next is entirely up to you.

Download Happn for free on iOS | Android

3) Sweatt

Best for: Fitness freaks

If you’re a total gym bunny, here’s the app for you. Sweatt matches you with potential love interests based on your workout habits. You enter things like how often you exercise, what type of training you do, and what time of day you tend to exercise. The app uses all this information to try to pair you with your ideal partner. Simple.

Once you match with someone, based on all the above, you have 21 days to start talking to them. If you don’t do so, you’ll end up losing your chance. Forever. This is the ideal app for people who are active and want partners to join them in the gym.

Download Sweatt for free on iOS

4) Huggle

Best for: Social butterflies

Once you’ve logged into Huggle using Facebook, you have a chance to pick your initial five favourite places. Be sure to choose carefully as they could determine who you match with! You can favourite restaurants, cafes, parks, and bars to add to your places.

The app then matches you with people based on the different joints that you like to frequent. So, if you and a potential date both like the same cafe, you can start talking and maybe even arrange a date there.

As you visit more and more places, you can add them to your favourites. That means that the more you go out, the greater chance you have of finding the one. It’s a little like real life, actually.

Download Huggle here

5) eHarmony

Best for: Romantics

eHarmony has been around in many guises over the years, but now they’ve launched an app. The site claims that it’s all about quality, not quantity, which should mean that you only end up meeting people who you share some kind of connection with. The app uses personality tests to figure out what type of person you are and pair you up.

There’s a catch with this one, though. While you can review your matched profiles for the sweet, sweet price of nothing, that’s about all you can do. If you want to start messaging some of the people on there, you’ll need to choose a subscription that suits you!

Download eHarmony for free on iOS | Android

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