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3 top tips for protecting your mobile phone

To case or not to case? That is the question.

We’ve all been there. You’ve risked it for a biscuit and not put a case on your mobile phone, or even a screen protector for that matter…

You’re on a night out trying to take a group selfie and your phone is sent flying across the dance floor.

You retrieve your phone, only to discover that it has a lovely cracked corner. Wonderful.

1) “I’ll Be Fine, I Never Drop My Phone…”

Said all the people who break their phones…. Although many of us think this way, here’s a few daily scenarios where it could all go wrong for you:

  • On the loo > It slips out your hand and falls into oblivion!
  • Getting into or out of your car > It falls out your pocket onto concrete
  • Nights out > Your phone gets knocked out your hand, onto a wet and hard dance floor. Nice
  • Taking a bath > It could slip under the water like a submarine. Game over
  • Cooking at home > Your phone can easily get knocked from the work surface. Crash bang onto the tiles
  • Music festivals or packed crowds > Look out for pickpockets!

That’s just a few little scenarios where your phone’s life could be in danger.

But what actually happens when you do drop your phone nowadays. How bad does it get? Well, if you’re lucky enough (or careful enough) not to have ever done it, here are some videos to give you an idea.

Check out what a small drop could do to your iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S8.

And, see how this Samsung Galaxy S9 faired being dropped from dizzy heights by a drone!

2) Protect Your Phone, the Right Way

After all that phone breaking drama, you’ll be happy to know, we’re here to help.

Although mobiles nowadays are a lot more robust than you might think, there is still the odd occasion that could ruin your day, as we’ve already seen.

So, get yourself a great quality phone case, in addition to a robust screen protector and eliminate a lot of the risk for yourself.

Visit our accessories store and get yourself a screen protector or new phone case and you can even get it the next-day.

3) Take Out Phone Insurance

Lets face it, we have insurance for pretty much everything nowadays, from pets to weddings, to cars to holidays, and, you know it makes sense. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Phone insurance will give you anything from screen protection, liquid damage, theft, loss, and mechanical breakdown (pretty much covering off all those naughty little scenarios above).

Check out our sister company, Insure My Pocket, for a great deal on your mobile phone insurance.

Alternatively, if you’re ready to buy a new phone from us right now, you can take out our insurance cover at the checkout. Happy shopping!

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