Virtual reality: the next sporting sensation?

Sports training, apps, games and video content, all in virtual reality (VR).

VR has kicked off and swiftly taken possession of the sports industry. The most recent example of this can be seen in football training at Premier League side, Stoke City FC.

A Dutch VR company, Beyond Sports, has recently started VR training with Stoke City, nicknamed the Potters, and the Potters’ goalkeepers using VR technology. The team will be hoping the new VR training takes affect just in time for the upcoming Premier League season.

The technology can create a virtual world based on football data and stats, setting up scenarios that a goalkeeper or outfield player could face in a game. This also lets the team look back on performances to analyse the players’ actions.

This bespoke training was made available via a programme dedicated to sport analysis. The Dutch company also used this tech to support other teams including PSV Eindhoven and the Netherlands National Team. Similar techniques were applied in the past from the same company at Arsenal FC, giving exposure and learning experiences to its youth team.

But, what else does VR do? Well, at the moment, the possibilities seem endless with this technology, as we see more examples of VR in sports and experience content along with apps and gaming.

Most recently, we have seen this with the new Samsung Galaxy S8 launch, which uses VR in ads, fan engagement and other content like 360-degree video, consumed on channels such as YouTube.

Right, how about a bit of European League action, below you can see the first live stream of a football game made available to view via Samsung Gear VR.

With Samsung Gear, you can view, train, watch back and relive moments across many different sports. Enjoy football, boxing, climbing and skiing, through your VR eyes!

Relive amazing moments from the perspective of others or from your own video archive. Even explore the crystal clear waters of the Tahiti surf, courtesy of Samsung Gear 360!

VR tech is certainly making waves, as we find new ways to enjoy content and become more immersed in our favourite hobbies. The ways in which we consume football and other sports will undoubtedly change in the very near future, as the tech becomes more readily available and more of us welcome VR into our arsenal of personal tech.

Enjoy all of the potential that VR has to offer. Grab yourself a new Samsung Galaxy S8, Gear VR and get VR-ing!

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